Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Apologies

I am such a dork. I was looking at the post from 7-30-08. Well, the post is misleading and after I looked back at it I figured I better explain. I titled the post The Flower Garden Is Done. NOT!! The quilt top is done but I'm not done with the quilt by any means. I got it all pinned together and everything and thought I would try my hand at stipple quilting it. Hhh!!! I should have thought better. What I ended up with was a mass of tiny, little, itty, bitty stitches real close together. Well, trying it once wasn't good enough for me so I tried it again after I tore out all those little tiny wretched stitches. Guess what I ended up with? The same mess all over again. Grrr!!!! So I go back at it with my seam ripper and tweezers and in the process I managed to "pull" my fabric and I plain out ripped it in two spots. What a jerk. I was so mad that I wanted to throw it out. And it all went together so well otherwise that I was not un-doing it all and replacing those strips I had torn so my dumb ass(sorry for the french) took another block I had and patched over it and I don't like my zigzag stiches at all and I'm t-totally aggravated with it. Truth is I shouldn't have been messing with it right now. My son's wedding is two days away now. My husband is the only one with a shred of sanity left at this point. But I had been working on the quilt to kind of keep my mind from going crazy about the wedding and it really has had just the opposite effect. You can tell my mind is on something else. But I won't despair. If nothing else, I will use this as a practice quilt to try to get better at my skills. I may even give it to my sis cause she told me it was beautiful just the way it was when she saw it. But anyway, I just felt dumb announcing I was done and I am not. The quilt top was only thing I had done at that point. But I won't be posting for a few days now due to the wedding and the quilt is definately off limits at this point. It may be awhile before I can pick it back up. Thanks for stopping by and please come back often.

Happy Quilting.

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