Sunday, March 29, 2009

LOL!!! I Have To Laugh Or I'll Cry!

Oh my, my, my, my. That is how I felt at the end of the day yesterday when I finally stopped working on the quilt a little before ten last night. I bet it was about 12:15 by the time I got it rolled up and clamped and on the machine ready to go. Not a bad start time. Nothing on my plate to do so all I had planned was working on the quilt. LOL. Here, you guys see for yourself:




I have already from the get go lost any potential profits in my time. LOL!!!!! Still I am tickled to death to have the opportunity to be doing this. As usual my seam ripper and I spent alot of that time yesterday together un-doing some things along the way, alot of things along the way. lol. I can see where I've made mistakes and where I can improve along the way. I got so ticked off at myself for not being able to stipple this thing that by 4 I said a little prayer to please let me be able to do something/anything with this quilt because I had tried stippling first, two times. Then I said to heck with it and put on my regular foot and was just going to do some diagonal lines on it. Tried that twice and hated it so I took a little break and got mad that I couldn't do it the way I wanted to do this one so when I was done with my break it was do or die on the stippling. This is what I ended up with. It was the prayer I know it was. I tend to have to get angry with myself before I can do certain things right or to my own expectations and this was one of them. I think the anger worked fairly well for me. I am pleased and I know Cindy will be tickled. She knew going in this was a first and I do my best at my pace so she's totally let me go with this. Bless her heart. lol.

Hubby just looked at it as I was taking the photo's and he asked if I was doing the whole quilt that way. He scared me. It could take me months at this pace. lol. I did start to thinking of maybe only doing this every couple blocks lengthwise and then do the same widthwise and it would save me a little time. What do you guys think about that idea? Oh, and a great big thank you to those of you who responded to how long it may take me to do this quilt. I have far surpassed Kris' time of 5 hours on a twin size. lol. I just wanted to be sure and thank everyone for the ideas and info.

Gonna get back at it. Have a great Sunday!! Take care.

Happy Stitching,


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Moments Away From Start

It took me almost an hour last night to pin baste the quilt and that long on my hands and knees still has me stoved up today. lol. But,like the good girl I am trying to become, I got up early this morning and began working on cleaning and organizing my sewing room. I told hubby I enjoyed my sewing so much more back in the days when I began when I used the kitchen table and had one little box of notions. I kept it all organized so well because I usually had to pack it up nightly and put it away until next time I drug it out and did something. Once I got my own sewing room, it all fell apart. Plus I have more stuff now and I knew going into work on this big old whoppin' quilt would not even come close to fun unless I was organized and had the freedom to move around with it. Mission accomplished. I think I might be stalling now just to avoid having to get busy. lol. Truthfully, I am having just one more smoke and cup of coffee, followed by a restroom break and then it's on!!!! lol. Wish me luck. Anyone have any idea how long it will take me to quilt a full size quilt? Any ideas would be great because I haven't a clue. lol.

Take care everyone. Hope you all get to do some quilting today. Have a great weekend.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Looky What I Am Going To Do

Here it is. This is the trip around the world quilt top that my friend's grandmother made. I just got back from Wal-Mart about an hour and a half ago with the backing and I have it all ready to spread out on the livingroom floor when the fella's take off for the evening. As excited as I am to be doing my first full-size quilt, I am not looking forward to the time it will take me to pin it because I'll be on the floor on my hands and knees. But, it must be done!!!!!




I got some New York strip steaks out at Wal-Mart and we're having those, cocktail shrimp and mozarella sticks for supper. Isn't that a concoction? lol. I'm fixin' to get ready to do that in a just a few but I wanted to post the quilt top photo's so you could see what I'll be doing this evening. Hope you all have a great night and weekend. Take Care.

Happy Stitching,


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Here's My Spring Rag Purse




You can't tell because of the terrible photo's but aside from the denim pockets, it's also made of white flannel with little pink flowers on it. I love it. It's not fancy at all and since it had the pockets outside I didn't put any on the inside of it. But I just needed something to carry the basics(keys,wallet,smokes,& phone) in so this works perfect. I just wanted to share. It's a bit o' spring here in my little cold corner of the world. It looks pretty out today but it's deceiving. It's cold!!! lol. But the sunshine is nice so I'll take it.

Hope you're all enjoying your day. Take care.

Happy Stitching,


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Never Again!!!

Oh, let me tell you folks. I will never, ever again in life volunteer to hem curtains. No way, no how. In fact I told hubby yesterday that from now on if my sewing projects aren't just for me for the fun of it, I am not doing it. lol. I had one last ding dong curtain to whack off and hem for the boy yesterday. Perfect day, no one was here, just me and I had room to spread out and do things right and I was so happy with the way everything lined up prior to cutting. That's as far as the bliss went. I got the stinker all measured and was ready to cut. I got cocky in that I was just thinking to myself that maybe I should measure again to be sure of myself. Well, I thought that since this was the last and I had those dimensions embedded in my head, I was confident I had it right so I whip out the shears and commence to cutting. About a third of the way through, I realize I am cutting on my hem line, not the line three inches down that I meant to cut. AARRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!! I know my neighbors heard me swear!!! lol. Boy was I really thinking I might be ska-rewed because where I cut was supposed to be the bottom line on them. I had to walk away a minute but I was determined to not let it get me down and don't ask me how I did it but I reattached what I cut off and tried a few tricks and ended up with the curtain one inch longer than it should have been and when I turned that up, my goof just disappeared right into the mess. Yay!!!!! Of course I am going to tell on myself and offer to buy a new set of curtains if they are not happy but honestly if you didn't know I did it, you couldn't tell so I think I'll be okay. lol.

I love to sew and quilt more than just about anything else but I find when I'm doing something specifically for someone else, the pressure is almost too much to bear so I'm taking that pressure off. I have that quilt of my friends I told her I'd put together for her but from now on, no more custom orders, no seamstress jobs, etc. It just sucks all the fun right out of it for me.

I was here alone last night and I've been thinking about a new spring purse so for some fun I made me a little rag bag out of denim pockets and pretty pink flowered flannel. I call it shabby chic meets grunge. lol. I have to take off my closure loop and either re-attach it so it's actually centered or I might just put velcro on it instead. Not sure yet but when I get it done, I'll post a pick.

Not much planned for today though. Probably finish up the purse and then tackle the laundry again. Hope everyone had a great weekend and you all have a great week ahead. You all take care.

Happy Stitching,


Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Spring!!!!

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Hey everybody! Are you ready for the weekend? I sure am. I'm in for the duration if I can get away with it(lol)until Monday. I doubt I can get hubby to go do the grocery shopping that needs to be done around here. lol. I've been putting it off and putting it off but it's beginning to look like Mother Hubburd's cupboard around here. lol. But for tonight I am looking forward to some peace and quiet Renee time. The fella's have plans to go play cards and I intend to batten down here in front of the computer or the t.v. in just a few short hours. No sewing tonight unfortunately but tomorrow looks hopeful. lol. I've been draggin' tail around here with my chores and stuff I need to get done and I just need to get to crackin'. lol.

I hope everyone has great plans for the weekend. Here, they claim it is going to begin to get warmer again tomorrow. That has really helped me have a little more pep in my step. I was just outside in my t-shirt on Wednesday and it felt great. Raked some leaves and hubby trimmed our one and only tree. lol. Yesterday I froze to death and this morning I froze but it didn't turn out too bad this afternoon. I still don't want to have to go back out in it though. I hope to venture out tomorrow and find a suitable backing for the first full size quilt I've ever dealt with. This too I have been putting off and putting off and it just needs done plus I could use the money I'll receive for doing it.

Turns out I will be needing tons and tons of money here in just the next few months. My youngest, Shawn, my baby will be 18 in just 15 short days and I'm almost devastated. lol. He'll be graduating this June and entering a whole new phase of his life. My boy is a man now. But in spite of the sadness that goes with your babies growing up and not needing you so much, I am so proud of this one. He is just the most sweetest kid you'll ever meet. He tries so very hard and he does a great job at whatever it is that he tries. He puts on a tough outward impression but he's just one of the biggest old softies. I want only the best for him. I just hope I can afford it. lol. Seriously, we just paid over two hundred dollars for a notebook sized box, about three inches thick with his graduation announcements and such. Ouch. We have yet to have a portrait made (sad I know and shame on me)but I spoke with a photographer this week and his cheapest package is almost two hundred plus a sitting fee but he gave me a gift card to cover that so that was real cool. This kid has no desire to have his photo even taken and the sole purpose of doing so is because I want it. So, we'll see.

I wanted to share this awful scanned image with you all. I had mentioned some time back that where I work was being featured in our local paper and while I thought it would be available online, it was not the last time I checked and since there is no link to show you, I scanned my newspaper. lol. It's not a good scan but you can tell how full that deli case was and how busy I had been that morning. It's like that everyday. See why I live for the weekends? lol.


Well, got to get some food going around here. Hope you all have some great projects in the works this weekend. I look forward to checking after while to see. Everyone take care and have a great weekend.

Happy Stitching,


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Thank You Everyone!!

I have been looking over my posts and reading comments and I just wanted to thank everyone here for all the support I can find here. Most recently I really appreciated the comments left offering kind words and thoughts for the week we had around here. What a difference a week can make. This time last Sunday, I was having that awful headache. It wasn't just the curtains stressing it, as always it's a culmination of everything and I think last Sunday was the day to say it was time for a chill out. Sometimes our bodies have a way of saying time out when we aren't quite ready to call it quits. I'm not great at recognizing my signs. lol. And all that being said, I don't want this to be a personal whine blog so just one more time, THANKS to everyone who took a moment to let me know you're out there. Although my responses are not always timely and my visits are brief, I do know there are always some of you are are always around and I am also daily checking you all out as well. lol. What a great bunch of folks!!!

On the quilty front, still nothing accomplished there BUT, I did get a big old dent put in some much needed cleaning around my home. I always find my morale is low when my house is cruddy. lol. It's a pride thing isn't it? lol. Us women!! I had hoped to have the spring cleaning done by the time spring got here but, huh uh (clears throat), I assure you, it is not done. Nor will it be until I can get in a few more days like yesterday. lol. I hope to get some more done today. I always feel better starting my week when I have the house in order beforehand so I'm not pressured to have to run home everyday and do something major on top of working and keeping up with the fam.

I got some pictures of my houseplants that I've been nursing along the last month or so since they spent a really dark, neglected winter stuffed in the corner. I lost a few but as you can see, I still have plenty. lol. Gonna go snap those pics right now......

I apologize in advance for the bad pics. It's a cellphone and I can't hold steady to save me. lol.

Here's the whole crop. Pretty pitiful, eh? lol. I think they will be okay though.

This is my Gloxenia. Never heard of one before until I received it three years ago this coming Mother's Day. Knock on wood, it keeps coming back year after year. It's kind of like an African Violet, same family, but it has those large bell shaped flowers on it. Mine is purple. I haven't one pic of it in bloom. Must get one this year. It is lovely.

And this is my bamboo my oldest son got me a few years back for prosperity. I love that curlique branch.

Can't wait to sit them out on the front porch for awhile. They love that sun.

I have company coming so I'll end now. I'll have some pics of that other project I'm tinkering with next time. Take care. Have a Great Sunday!!!

Happy Stitching,


Saturday, March 14, 2009

I Think I Finally Woke Up!

After the week we had around here, I was never so glad to see a Friday come around in all my life as I was yesterday, Friday the 13th, when I punched out of work. Work wasn't bad at all yesterday. It was oddly slow for a Friday but you won't hear me complaining about that. No way. lol. I got home at one o'clock yesterday, sat down in the recliner and I was out for the count by one thirty. I was drained. I slept til five and hubby finally woke me up. We ate and yacked awhile and when he left the boy went upstairs to watch a movie he knew I wouldn't enjoy and by eight fifteen I was snoring again. I slept til four this morning and was ready to put the coffee on when I realized it was only four and said to myself, "Oh, he$# no!". lol. I knew if I got up then I'd be wanting to crash by noon today again so I laid and rolled around awhile and did go back to sleep til eight o'clock this morning. Wow, do I feel lazy but oddly refreshed as well.

Have you ever done that before? Wanted to or felt like you slept for days or something? What makes us do that? I can see it when one is sick or something but I haven't been sick, just had one heck of a week. I went to the jewelry party Sunday night and practically ran out of there. I will not do that to myself again for nothing. lol. It just is not my thing. Hubby spent countless hours working on this dumb car we got that went kaput. Coupled with his lack of mechanical skills and the pouring rain for about a day and a half and we were at wits end with the dern thing. Long about Tuesday he let me mention our troubles to a friend who by Thursday had a mechanic down here and the car running by 3:30 that day. Cost: $80.00, Value: Priceless. Yeah, it was one of those moments. lol. Turns out it was the anti-theft system gone haywire because the battery originally went dead last Friday with the radio on which robbed the computer thingy majig of the code to start the vehicle. It was a joke. It's behind us now. Thank God for small miracles.

On the crafty front, all I have done is fix my kid's bluejeans. The second pair of curtains may come today. I have help here to help me measure today. I've also been working on this idea I concocted way back when. I'm not far but I have enough blocks cut for two and a half rows and I'm just playing around with placement and such now. I usually when making a baby quilt will do the entire thing in rows and then sew the top together row by row. Well this time I thought it may be easier to make a block of four and then sew them together by blocks. I haven't had much luck yet but I've only attempted it once so far. I think I can actually line them up better doing it in rows. We'll see. I'll try to post some pics later if I have any progress today.

The house is a wreck so hubby and me are tag teaming it this morning. He's over there now folding laundry so I better scoot and help out. How lucky am I that he helps like that? It's not everyday but when he's willing and can lend a hand, I sure am thankful for it.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and that the weather gets a little nicer. Everyone take care.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Headache is gone, for now

Yesterday stressed me out so bad between the curtains and the car that I will absolutely not put myself in that position again today with everything else I have to do. lol. The other pair of curtains will have to wait.

Today hubby has to work in the yucky rain to try another shot at the car. He worked 6 hours at his real job yesterday and then came home and played mechanic on this crazy car for another 6. Poor man. We are dumbstruck as to what to do next with it.

I have to get laundry finished and bills done today. It wouldn't be a problem but I'm on a time table because I have a jewelry party to go to at six. I absolutely do not want to go but my daughter in law is hosting it so I feel I should. I do want to see their lower level remodel too. I think they are upset with me that I haven't been to see that yet but once I'm home, I'm home. Plus, I know when my son gets here he's got another emergency repair job needing done on one of his two pairs of pants again. Hopefully that won't take me long. Sounds like a busy day for me today don't it? lol. What is everyone else up to today? Fun stuff or mundane chores? I'll be around later to look in on everyone and see what you've been up to. I hope everyone's had a relaxing and quilty weekend.

Take care and Happy Stitching,


Saturday, March 7, 2009

One Pair Finish

Still have the throbbing headache. Overall, I'm happy. Just hope the recipients are. lol.


One Curtain Down, Three To Go


Chopping Off & Hemming Curtains=Massive Brain Ache

Okay, so now I'm doing as I had planned on the curtains I needed to shorten and hem for my son and his wife. I have one panel of four cut and ready to be hemmed. I am so stinking nervous. But I figure if this first one goes okay, I should be okay on the others. I'm just scared to death they won't hang right/even. Say your sewing prayers for me here. I'd hate like everything to ruin their new curtains. After that one quilt top recently came out longer on one end than the other on me, I'm kinda gun shy now. lol. I'll post some pics after bit of what I have came up with.

Here are those templates my hubby cut out for me at work. I mentioned them some time ago but I got some interesting comments on them so I wanted to be sure and show what I'm talking about. They're just stainless steel plates. I was wanting some nice square block templates. These are awesome. One is missing as I've been using it and it's buried in the sewing room. lol. These are the two, four and eight inch ones.


Still nothing on the kids car situation. We had the battery tested and it's fine and now we've gone online in search of suggestions and I got one really great one this morning that we will try as soon as hubby gets home from work today. We're on a tight budget round here and we need to do this cheaply and on our own so let's hope it's not a major repair. More on that later.

Doing some laundry and messing around with these curtains here otherwise today. What are all of you up to? I need to take some ibuprofen and knock out this headache so I can get on with the actual hemming of those curtains. Just wanted to stop in and say hey and see what everyone is up to.

Happy Saturday,


Friday, March 6, 2009

Rrrready For The Weekend!

How glad are we it's Friday? It's been a long week around here. The only thing spoiling my ability to forget it and proceed with some r and r is that my son's car has gone haywire. He and I have been putzing with it since shortly before 2. Then hubby just finally got home after a doozie of a day and he's had to go take the battery down and have it tested. We are not optimistic it's the battery but that would be a great thing if that is all it is. Poor kid. All he wanted to do was clean it out while it was such a nice day. He had his doors open and his radio on earlier for about fifteen minutes and it won't make a peep now. He was getting ready to go sweep it out and wash it. What luck! lol. I really hope it's nothing serious and that it's not something that will require hubby to be at it for very long tonight on top of the day he's already had. Poor guy. lol. I'm just full of sympathy for everyone today. lol.

I hope all of you are ready to wind down and enjoy the weekend. I hope to get some sewing/quilting done this weekend. I did my house cleaning today when I got home from work and I swept my livingroom floor real well because I'm gonna have to spread some stuff out there to measure and cut one of my projects. I was prepping for some Saturday morning sewing. Well, after our car excursion outside, I now have mud on my freshly swept livingroom floor. (Deep Sigh)-back to square one. lol.

I hope to have some pics of these projects I want to get started this weekend. It'll be a few days but I hope to have a few to show. I've been admiring all kinds of things going on in blogland.

Gonna get some supper started here so I'll sign off for now. Happy quilting to everyone. Have a great weekend.


Monday, March 2, 2009

How Was Your Monday?

Phew, I had a busy one today at work. The local paper was coming at ten to take a picture of our deli to run with an article about the place that will run in the Focus on Business Section in the Ashland Times Gazette. Not sure when but if you see the article about Troy Road Market, take a look at that deli case in that picture and you'll see how busy I was today. GRRR!!!! lol. That's what I do plus wait on customers. I had my hands full today and it's not a day I wish to repeat anytime soon. I guess secretly I had expected a little more of my co-worker's over the weekend in preparation for the ordeal. Anywho......

I'm not going to do much tonight cause I am tired and I have laundry to do/finish. Certainly nothing fun like I want to do but something to do none the less. lol. I'm fixing pork chops for supper. Not sure yet what will go with them but it won't be too hard to come up with a side or two. Yesterday's plan for the lemon pork chops didn't work out so I'll probably just fry them tonight. Shawn's home tonight and he certainly won't go for the chops made that way. He doesn't like his meat baked with sauces and gravies on them. He puts steak sauce on everything he eats. lol. And he won't eat anything else besides biscuits and gravy and corn. I get so tired of biscuits and gravy. I wish he were more like his brother who will eat about anything. lol. The older Tony gets, the more he tries and the more different he eats than what he grew up on. Wish the old man and Shawn would try more things and eat more combinations of things. I can keep on hopin' anyway.

I'm going to end early tonight. I have my plants to move back into the livingroom. I moved them to the kitchen the last two weekends so they can get some light. Can't wait til I can just put them outside and forget it for awhile. Hey, wait I thought I said I wasn't doing much this evening. Looks like I have a few things to do. Have a great night.

Happy Stitching,


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fun Playin' With My Blog

Since I don't have any interesting pictures just yet of my own, I've been having a blast finding graphics for this page today. You'll be seeing plenty more of them cause they are so cute. lol. Hope I don't overdue it. lol.
Glittery texts by

I Hope This Finds Everyone Well


First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who commented on my last post. Thank you all so much for the great words of encouragement and the wonderful ideas on how to "de-stink" my stuff. lol. All in all, this past week was better but I still wasn't creative. I'll get it all together here soon enough though. Those curtains for my son and daughter and law are my first priority and probably will get started today with the boys help. lol. He'll be here so I intend to have him help me lay them out and measure them so maybe between the two of us they will come out even and not two inches longer on one side than the other. lol.

After that I have that quilt top that my friend wanted me to quilt. It was her grandmother's. I have batting for it now and I think I may have a piece of backing fabric big enough to go ahead and just do it. I'm trying to whittle down what I've got over there to work on but I've decided I need to make a plan and stick to it. So for now my order of business will be the curtains and then this quilt top.

The stupid little quilt I was working on that came out whopperjawed is now thrown in the corner as I did have to take a break from it like some suggested I do. I did try to square it but I'm still not happy so it's in the "someday" pile. That is twice now I've worked with those pre-cut blocks from my sister and neither time was a success. I will definately measure any and all pieces of them before using again. lol. Live and learn.

My honey bunny made me some square templates out of stainless steel.............

LMAO!!!!- I just have to share this with you guys. lol. I just went to get me another cup of coffee and it's either still too early or I'm not as awake as I thought I was. lol. I just went to fill the sugar bowl and instead I just poured one cup of sugar in my coffee cup. lol. What was I thinking. lol. Phew, this is a sweet cup of coffee for sure. lol. Of course I dumped it but the whole inside of my cup was dusted with it. lol. Wow, that reminds me of the time I went to make a pot of coffee and grabbed the metamucil instead. lol. That was classic. About the time I thought I ought to be smellin' the coffee, I started smelling this strange warm orange smell. lol. We laughed for days over that one. lol.

Anyway, sorry for that. Now back to those templates. I don't have anything but a yard stick and a square to measure my blocks. My square is slightly bent so I haven't been happy with my measurements. My old cardboard templates have seen better days and I just hate making new ones, I'm paranoid they won't be square. So, I figured hubby could make me some with precision at his shop and as far as I can tell so far, they will be perfect. They are nice and heavy and won't shift around while I'm tracing around them. And they will last forever. I'll post some pics of them later on. I had him make a 2 1/2, 4 1/2, 6 1/2, and 8 1/2 inch square.

I also wanted to mention that sometime ago I had started making golf seat covers for hubby's cart at work. I got the seat cushion done and one back cushion and strayed from the project. Well last week, his boss made us a deal. lol. He told the old man that if I could finish that one cover within two weeks, he would let us use the business card to go out to dinner last weekend. Well, of course I couldn't pass that up. So, last Saturday hubby and me went on a little mini date out to eat at Casa Fiesta, our local Mexican restaurant. I love, love, love to eat there but we don't often cause I'm about the only one crazy about it. Needless to say, last Sunday, I got up and set to work on the last cover and had it done in less than an hour. Put a little food in front of me and you'll be suprised what I can get done. lol.

I'm thinking about having Bub (oldest son Tony) and Steph up for supper tonight. They have been remodelling their lower level in their house and I haven't seen the boy much for the last couple of weeks. I want to make lemon pork chops and augratin potatoes tonight and they love them so I bought enough yesterday at the store to have them up. Lemon pork chop is a deceiving name for this dish because there is so little lemon juice in it. All you do is brown your chops nice and brown and then lay them on a baking sheet. Take equal parts of brown sugar and ketchup and mix together (I use about 1/4 cup each cause I usually make a bunch and they like the sauce), add a shot of lemon juice to the mix and put a dollup of the sauce on each pork chop. Then take a sliced onion and put one whole slice of onion on top of the goo. If you have enough goo, put some on top of the onion too. You cover these and bake for half an hour covered on 350, then uncover them and bake another half hour. Yummy. The onion is almost like candied in the end and it is so flavorful. Man, now I'm hungry. lol. If anyone tries this, let me know what you think.

I should go for now. It's just now starting to get daylight and I'm beginning to see all the things around here I need to get done today. lol. Sorry I haven't been around much but I've been keeping up on all of you just the same. Hope you all have a happy weekend. Best of luck for the upcoming week. A new month. Wow, how time flies. Take care.

Happy Stitching,