Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bring It On! A Farewell to 2010

Helloooow to everyone.  I hope this finds everyone out there still basking in the Christmas glow and gearing up wholeheartedly for a grandiose New Year.  I knew I'd mess around and miss out on wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and sure enough I did.  My apologies to all.  I didn't even get around to posting our holiday pics or anything.  I suppose it's too late now anyway.  It would kind of be like being the house in the neighborhood that left it's decorations up until February.  Enough is enough.  lol.  Plus I look really, really fat in our pictures this year so I don't mind not sharing those ones.  he he.  We had a really good Christmas and loved every minute spent with family and friends.

Actually the last month or so hasn't been the greatest on earth but I have to say it's certainly not the worst either.  I don't make resolutions but I always look forward to a New Year and associate it with a fresh new start.  Like a chance to do better, work harder, accomplish more, etc.  Don't know why that is but I do.  We don't have any plans for tomorrow night.  My oldest son and his wife are having a party.  A friend of ours invited us down to another friends place for a party and we just don't know if we'll go anywhere.  I certainly don't have to go anywhere but I think it would be kind of neat to go do something.  But in the end I know I will pull my usual stunt and chicken out of doing anything anyway.  lol.  I just hate that for hubs.  He still likes people.  lol. 

First, only and last minute Christmas shopping did not freak me out this year like it has the last two.  The pressure I have felt in years past to spend and splurge on the kids is virtually all but gone this year.  The youngest was only 18 last year and I had this hang up about it being maybe his last Christmas at home and I didn't want him recalling it as "cheesy" so I put a lot of pressure on myself last year.  But this year I have watched him grow as a young man and get a job and take care of his own needs and I just don't feel like I have to provide him with the world anymore.  He does still stay at home but his staying at home usually consists of sleeping and showering.  lol.  Plus, I don't care if he's here until he's 70 anyway.  That's my son.  But that doesn't mean I don't want to eventually see him sprout his wings and fly either.  The time will come but it's rough in this economy and I'm not throwing him out there to sink or swim.  I wasn't (and probably should have been.  lol.) and I will eternally be grateful to my Mother for her role and support in my life.  It "scurs" me to think where we'd be without her.

I'm really happy to report that my husband and I have both gotten over our sickness.  Finally.  It took a good 3-4 weeks to be back to top notch.  I never though my nose would dry up.  I was so bad I thought about praying for boogers.  lol.   And if that was the flu then I'm glad it's over with and hopefully my immunity is better for it.  I hope no one else gets it out there in blog land if you've managed to escape it thus far.  Here's to all of us a healthy New Year too!!

Before I go tonight, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year.  May it be wonderous and safe.

God Bless,


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Again-Merry Christmas

I liked this one better.  I can't help myself.  lol.

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Merry Christmas From Our Family To Yours

My good friend Rhonda sent my family one of these about five years ago and I've been hooked since.  My family is sick of them.  Lol.  Just wanted to show the goofy side of life.  heehee.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Phew-What A Day

I've been at this stinker for the bigger part of the day and I had to piece borders and press and repeat til I can't think straight.  lol.  The yellow borders aren't attached yet but hopefully they will at least be on before the night is up.  I am tired.  I feel like I've done something today.  Here is the latest progress with the new pops of color I've mentioned earlier.  Never dreamed this thing would turn out like this but I am having loads of fun.  Can you tell I don't use patterns?  lol.

If I don't make it back tonight, hope everyone has been busy today.  Have a good night.


What Now?

Well, I had to sew an entire new row of red for the border here.  I didn't have enough made up so that took some time but I got all the red borders on and now I'm wondering what to do next.  Still have that new splash of color to put in it but it needs to get longer and not wider so I really have to think about what I am going to do here.  Here's the latest:

Have A Good One!


Bright And Early

Yep, by 5:30 I was at it this morning and I'm not getting very far.  lol.  But some progress is better than no progress right?  Right.  Hope everyone gets in some sewing time today.  Have a good one.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

I Just Can't Stop Myself

Hee Hee.  Boyz, I'm on a role now.  lol.  If I could just get my phone to send my pics through the email fiasco I have myself in, I'd be all set.  I got wayyy too many email addresses and this just might prompt me to see about consolidating some of them.  Crazy.  I'm too old to remember so many passwords and usernames and such.  lol.

Here we go, I got them finally.  It's been about ten minutes.  And it's late so I think I may stop for tonight.  I made some different colored borders to throw in it too but I'm saving that for tomorrow.  It's a surprise.  lol.  Stay Tuned!!!  lol.

It felt good to do this tonight and I'm looking forward to tomorrow to start all over.  Good Night.


Slowly But Surely

I'm getting there.  I had to pause for a supper break and I'm about to get back at it.  I have to walk thru my sewing room to get to the back of the house where the second bathroom is, the laundry room, and our bedroom.  Well, since I added that last row, I've been traipsing back and forth with laundry and going to my room and I am just at the point now that I can't wait to put on the next batch of color already.  There may be some green end up in there as well before it's over.  It is a scrappy project and I've never made just a plain old colorful quilt before.  Usually two or three, maybe for prints/shades and that's been it really.  I'm thinking awful strong about giving this to someone dear to me as a gift and the more I think of giving it to her, the more I think she'd like all kind of colors.  So, I'll let you all go this evening and get back at it.

Hope you all are working on some goodies tonight too.  Happy Stitching.



In the top picture it doesn't look bad but look at it close up here in the bottom photo.  That's just off.  Way off.  I never have been good at that but I thought I could better than that.  So, even though it's progress, it is not without problems.  I'll be ripping that out and trying again here in a bit.  Wish me luck.


Me So Happy

I'm currently in a text convo with my neice Mel and I think she is going to order two crayon bags from me.  That would be awesome.  It's extra money and motivation to do something.  I'm actually going to go over and try to do something with those blocks on my wall in just a few minutes.  I wanted to drop a quick post since it's been almost a week again.

I'm seeing everyone starting to do their Christmas decorating and I love it.  We are supposed to do some here this afternoon but I'm going to sew a spell before I do anything else.  Those blocks seem to be calling my name here today especially when I walk by so I should take heed.  lol.  I love seeing all of the holiday quitls and mini quilt/wall hangings out there is blogland.  I need to make a tree skirt for my little white tree.  I drapped a sheet of fabric around it last year but thought I'd try to do a little better this year.  lol. 

One last thing before I go.  I haven't been around again this past week because I am still sick.  I mean raunchy sick.  I've used an entire large box of kleenex myself in two days.  I am getting sick to my stomach from all of the draining.  We';re on our third over the counter product for it but I'm thinking if I don't snap out of it by mid-week, which will put me at 9 or 10 days sick, I may go see the doc.  I have no energy, sleep 12 hours if I can and just junk like that.  That's why today I decided I may never "feel" like sewing or doing anything else so I may as well just do it.  So, on that note, I bid you good day.  Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Happy Stitching.


Monday, November 29, 2010

No Bakes At 8:30?

Yes indeed.  I had almost forgotten about making them and when I remembered it was pretty late.  I looked at hubs and told him if he'd help me, we'd make a batch and well, without hesitation he says, "okay".  Wow.  Told you they like them.  I've had this recipe for probably 20 years and if you follow the directions exactally, you can't go wrong.  This batch won't be here this time tomorrow.  We were going to make a double batch and had everything ready and we were one cup short of oats for it.  Darn.  I suggested putted in a cup of corn flakes and was shot down right away on that one.  I suppose you don't mess with a good thing.  We could have wound up with a double batch of nasty had we done that.  lol. 

I'd be happy to share the recipe if anyone is interested.  If you've never made them before, you have to have a good heavy stirring spoon and work quick when you make these.  If you've made them, you know what I mean.  That's why I like hubs to help so he can stir and mix them all together real good.  He's a pretty good guy to be my muscle, huh?  lol. 

Well, I just wanted to get that in today.  Nothing else much but everyday house stuff.  Catching up a little from feeling so yucky and thinking about Christmas decorating.  I have to move a bunch of stuff to decorate.  We'll see what tomorrow brings.  Have a good night everyone.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Good Old S.O.S.

My step-dad used to call it by the long version of S.O.S.
(You knnow what I mean) lol.
We'll call it hamburger gravy over toast.

Every once in awhile I can get away with serving this to the fella's and they don't complain.  It don't look so good but it tastes way better than it looks in my opinion.  The only thing that could have made this better would have been some fried potatoes.  I wasn't thinking in time to put some on.  And they were starving of course so I had to get it together with a quickness and this is what they got.  lol. I don't feel like I've cheated them out of anything because this is so filling and it sticks to your middle for awhile.  lol.  I was thinking of making them some no bake cookies but I'm waiting til tomorrow now.  Shhh, just the mere mention of those cookies and they'll have me in there fixing a batch.  I secretly bought some cocoa at the store the other day just so I could make some.  They think I'm out of cocoa.  lol.  My lips are sealed.  haha.

Has everyone used all of their left-overs yet?  We're done.  I still have some turkey but we're turkey and hammed out.  Tomorrow cleaning out the fridge will be fun.  haha.  I have my cold pizza in there still from Wednesday.  Plus all the other little bits of leftovers like the stuffing and gravy.  I had a couple of deviled eggs that didn't get eaten.  And some cheeseball that's seen better days.  I'll have a dishwasher full.  Oh the joy of it all.  lol.

Take care,


Oh Man

I'm not very good at this blogging game am I?  I was doing so good too.  lol.  I'm not giving up though.  It's just been one thing after another.  I feel bad for not making it back to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving beforehand.  I've done my blog roll today though and it looks as though everyone enjoyed themselves and were truly blessed with family and friends for the holiday.  Me too!

Since my brothers house has a family room the size of my entire first floor, he graciously extended his home as the gathering place for our holiday get together.  I'm only sad in that because we didn't have it here at home as planned, I lost the motivation to properly clean my house for the occasion.  lol.  Was looking forward to a spiffy place for a day or so.  lol.  Due to oven space at bro's, I used an electric roaster this year to cook the bird.  I never have but my mother-in-law always did and I never had any complaints about her turkeys, ever!  The only thing I worried about was cooking time but it all worked out and I believe I made the best turkey and stuffing ever this year.  It was definitely the moistest bird I've ever made.  And with some tweaking my homemade gravy turned out yummilicious.  I don't usually have so much success with that but the gravy gods were with me this year.  lol.  We always do potluck type and everyone brought something and it was so good.  The time with family was wonderful.  Wish we could have stayed longer but were pooped and had to come home to rest.  lol. 

The week leading up to Thanksgiving was uh, hectic to say the least.  Monday Hubs and me went to our friend's funeral and we spent the whole day with them.  Turns out here in Ohio, Monday was a pretty decent day for late November and we thought we'd skip the jackets.  What were we thinking?  Not that that is the reason but him and I both got so sick this week.  He started coughing at that funeral Monday and by 4 p.m. he was plugged up, red-eyed, coughing, sneezing, and wheezing.  Oh No's.  He went to work Tuesday and I went up to my sister's to work on her computer.  Just as we pull in to sister's he calls and says he's heading home sick.  Not good.  He gets sinus infections at the drop of a hat anymore and we try to avoid those as much as possible.  Well, I felt fine Tuesday morning.  If I hadn't I would not have gone to my sister's.  She has no spleen which compromises immunity plus chemo on top of it so she is like susceptible to everything.  She hibernates alot during winter.  Well, don't ya know, late Tuesday I started feeling it.  Wednesday, I knew I had it.  Grrrr!  Even though I felt raunchy, Honey felt worse so I drove him to Mansfield to get his paycheck and he growled at me the whole way.  Not fun.  I don't like driving anyway, let alone someone hollering at me just cause they're sick and grumpy. 

We had all of our shopping to do except for the bird which we did run out and grab Monday night.  And guess what?  I had to do it by myself.  No way I could make him go out in that mess feeling like he was and missing work and all.  I wanted to get an early start so I could see my kid before he went to work.  Well, that didn't happen.  As soon as we got home from getting his check I thought I'd head out to shop.  But because I'm blind and need all the help I can get driving, I thought I'd wash my glasses real quick.  Again, what was I thinking?  I'm standing there drying them and I hear a ding, ding on the floor.  Crap!  There went my nose piece.  Which meant I had to wake grouch up to fix it for me.  I couldn't see the screw if I wanted to to find it so I got my little kit out and it had some screws.  He tried and tried and could not get the screw started.  So, in addition to my grocery shopping and picking up medicine at the drug store, I had to stop at the eye doctor.  Thank goodness they were in.  The lady there tried for 25 minutes.  I'm silently sitting there convincing myself to be thankful they were open and I didn't have to wait maybe til Monday even to get them fixed and when I was just about to run out of thankfulness for the situation and when I realized I wasn't seeing my kid before he went to work, she asks me if I bought the glasses there.  Um, yes ma'am I did.  Five hundred dollars I paid you directly for those glasses.  lol.  (I didn't say that out loud, just to myself).  Well she was checking to see if they were under warranty because the original screw had actually broken in half and part of it was still stuck in the glasses part.  She rigged me up one that is barely in the spot but it works til they get me new frames.  Can't believe it requires an entire new frame but she said she could not get that out for the life of her and I guess after 25 minutes of trying, I'll believe her.  Wow, just wow is all I have to say to that.

I wanted to do my food shopping at Save-A-Lot but I had to go to Drug Mart to pick up honey's prescription meds and more cold medicine for the both of us.  Hawkins is right next door so I thought I'd just go there.  They do have some good sales and I didn't need much so I thought I'd do all my stuff in one location and head home.  Yeah, whatever.  I still had to go downtown to Save-A-Lot.  So one eye doctor, one pharmacy, two grocery stores and $95.00 less later, I made it home.  I knew I had hours of slicing and dicing ahead of me so we ordered pizza which was cold when it got here because everyone else in town ordered pizza Wednesday night too.  lol.  That was just a day I don't care to repeat.  I loathe going out, let alone going out by myself.  And driving to boot.  Oh my.  I almost took the xanax.  lol. 

Thursday morning I called Sister to tell her we were sick but we felt like going to dinner and wondered how she felt about it.  I was going to suggest we stay home if she were scared of catching something instead of her and her husband missing out on account of us being sick.  They have stayed home alone when bunches of people are sick and it stinks.  I told her if she was going to catch anything she probably would have by me being there Tuesday.  We didn't have fevers or anything, just good old fashioned colds.  So she said she figured she had gotten all the shots the docs suggested and they told her to go live her life so we all got to get together after all and hubby and me kept our coughs and wheezes to ourselves and washed our hands alot.  It just makes me feel terrible thinking one of us might have made her sick.  I'm calling later to see how she is today.  She's been good so far so hopefully nothing will get her. 

This weekend has been spent just doing nothing.  We just don't feel grand and the shopping thing doesn't excite us so we've watched some movies and ate left overs and picked up the house and such but nothing major.  Tomorrow it is back at it so I hope everyone is feeling better and ready to go in the morning.  lol. 

Sorry to ramble.  Hopefully the next post will be sewing related and I'll have something to show.  Happy Stitching.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Forgive Me For The Absence

In Loving Memory
Rose Brinker
My apologies again for my lack of posts.  Just before I hit publish on my last post here, I received a text and my husband received a phone call within seconds of each other to tell us that a long time family friend had passed away.  I was so flustered that I just hit publish and walked away from this computer and haven't really looked back yet.  It wasn't really a shock to know that she had passed because she had been so sick but it still hurts no matter how much you think you're prepared.  Even as only a friend of the family.  Her children are deeply hurt and her dear husband is being so strong.  Her services are tomorrow and even though they aren't my thing (funerals), my husband and I are going.  We are best friends with one of her sons and close with most all of the other kids.  Her granddaughter Melissa is very near and dear to me and I think the world of her and her family.  They're like family to us and Rose will be deeply missed by more than she knew.  Please pray for Rose's family for strength and guidance during this difficult time in their lives.

Seems like this world is losing several of it's gems lately.  I used to work in a convenience store across the street from my house.  I've worked there five different times over a course of 22-23 years and trust me I've gotten to know alot of the locals and they've gotten to know me and where I lived and such.  Just real close little neighborhood place and good people for the most part.  Mostly old timers were the devoted ones you saw everyday rain or shine.  Just two weeks ago one of my favorite old timers was laid to rest and it saddened me deeply cause if there is one thing the world needs, it's more people like good old Jim.  He'd always make you smile, most often belly laughing was more appropriate to describe what he would make you do.  lol.  So sweet too.  Loved his wife more than life itself.  I just shake my head and wish so bad that we wouldn't lose anymore of these wonderful folks that God has put into our lives when they are needed today so much more than ever in this ugly old world we live in. 

Tuesday I have to go help my sister again with her computer.  I hope I find some time in between now and Wednesday anyway to catch up with everybody again and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  I know it will be a busy week for alot of us so if I miss anybody this week, I hope to be back at it next week after the holiday.  Everyone take care.  Enjoy your Sunday afternoon.

Happy Stitching,


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Has It Really Been That Long?

I changed from a yucky white sheet to this navy blue one on my "design wall".
I think it makes stuff more visible maybe, kinda like dramatic.  lol. 

Good Grief.  I am sorry I haven't posted in so long.  Phew, has time just gotten away from me here the last few weeks.  And I really have no excuses.  I guess I'm in one of my funks right now and having a hard time shaking it.  But, as they say, this to shall pass.  I haven't been sewing anything.  I cleaned my room the other day and put up a new sheet for a design wall but that's as far as I got.  I cannot get off my duff and do the stuff I need to do, let alone the stuff I think I'd like to do.  I just hate it.  I'm worried about having to make another trip back to my friendly doctor.  I'm overdue for some blood work and just putting it off for financial reasons but the cruddier I feel, the more I know I need it and should just go get it done and see what he suggests from there.  I'm worried about going back cause I know he'll holler at me because I haven't started any counselling.  He thinks that is my cure.  I am scared I may need my medicine dosage upped and who likes that crap?  lol.  One's as bad as the other.  I'm not going to counselling because I don't have anything to say to anybody.  It would totally stink to up my med's but I'd almost rather.  I don't know.  Enough of that.  If any of you who pray out there might say a little one for me pretty please that this "cloud" will pass, I'd appreciate it.

I'm forcing myself into action by throwing the family Thanksgiving dinner next week.  I seem to thrive on deadlines and under pressure so what better way to motivate yourself to clean your nasty house than the thoughts of about 20 people coming to eat with you.  lol.  I hope that maybe that motivation might lead me to be motivated elsewhere in my life too.  Like towards sewing.  lol.  And then I guess I might get inclined to look for a job.  I so do not want to.  I am just not ready but with bills to pay, there isn't much choice.  I'd work from home tomorrow if I could find the niche but venturing out into the work force again has me scared to death.  Panic attack mode isn't how I like to roll but I gotta do what I gotta do. 

Anyway, good news on a couple of fronts.  Praise the Lord for all the kids.  First of all, my youngest son Shawn has gotten his first real full-time job since he graduated last year.  Yeah!!!!  He's been working since he's been old enough and he's been a cook at a local restaurant for two years now but he wasn't getting the hours he needed and certainly not a very good wage.  He's 19 now and I know he's chomping at the bit to get a place of his own and buy nice things fellas his age like to have and I'm real happy for him to get this chance to dive in to the working world.  I knew a long time ago that going on to school wasn't an option for this one so I've decided to support him in whatever he does pursue and this really seems like a good solid job for a young guy.  He's been working 50 hours a week.  Doesn't mind the work but he's not crazy about his hours.  He works from 3 p.m. until 1 a.m.  The regular shift is 3-11 but they don't see a let up in sight on the overtime so that's a real good sign.  Hopefully it means job longevity.

This second bit of news is also just wonderful in my opinion.  My daughter-in-law, Stephanie, just today got her very first full-time nursing job.  Of course this position will definitely make a difference in their lives.  They have worked very hard during the course of their relationship and marriage and I am very proud of both her and Tony.  Such drive and goals for younger adults.  I even admire them.  Steph went into nursing school right out of high school and just graduated this June.  She tested, passed and was licensed as an RN in August.  Bub (Tony) went to school for two or three quarters just out of high school but he had other aspirations at the time and decided to quit school.  He's worked like a hound ever since and has gained himself a pretty nice spot within the company he's been with for 3, maybe 4 years now.  He does mention maybe going back to school himself now that Steph is established but he's uncertain as to what to pursue.  That's something he has to decide on and then just go for it. 

Well, geez I guess I've rambled enough and now it's supper time.  After that I want to blog cruise to catch up on every one's pretties.  Take care.  Happy Stitching.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Crazy Dreams

Warning!!-This post not quilty or sewing related at all.!!!!
I must confess that after the stocking fiasco, I lost my groove.  lol.  I didn't work on anything this weekend.  All I can do is shake my head at myself and hope tomorrow is better.

I just had to briefly share this dream from last night.  First, you need to know I normally and frequently have some wild, colorful, out of this world dreams.  Some link to real life events and others are purely ridiculous and I can't link them to anything in my lifetime.  lol.  My son says that there is no hidden message in ones dreams but sometimes I wonder.  This one last night is so ridiculous, all I can do is laugh when I think about it today.

Don't know why or what but all I recall is riding in the back end of a pick up truck.  It was black and my oldest son does have a black pick up and it could have been his in the dream.  Can't say with certainty on that though.  Anyway, I was sitting in the back of the pick up on a spare tire and guess what I was doing?  LOL.  It was NOT sewing.  I already told you this isn't a post about that at all.  lol.  I was riding around, sitting there eating a bowl of cereal.  OMG!!!!  What the heck kind of message would that be trying to relay to me in the form of a dream?  lol.    My dreams are so life like sometimes my memories get fuzzy between things that happened and things that I dreamed.  lol.  Well, let me tell you, the aggravation I was feeling was very strong and life like and I was not having a blast trying to eat a bowl of cereal while riding around in the back of a truck.  I had it all over me.  But I must have been hungry cause I was chowing it down.  lol.  Wow.

Do any of you suffer from wildly vivid outrageous dreams?  If so, I would love to hear about them.  It would help prove to me that I am not crazy perhaps.  If I knew I wasn't alone in the traveling cereal eating arena, I would feel so much better.  LOL.  I'm laughing right now.  Please, share some of your crazy dreams with me.  It could be a blast.

Meanwhile,  I hope everyone had a great weekend and I hope you all accomplished some lovely works over the past few days.  Have a great afternoon.

Happy Stitching,


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Doh! If I Weren't So Bullheaded!!!

Grrr. Here are three little known things about me that complicate my life:
#1-I don't like rules, instructions, patterns or anything that requires
me to follow directions.
#2-I get bored very easy. Haven't always but sure do now.
#3-I'm stubborn. Been told I was worse than my Mother in that regard.
I tell em "thanks" when they tell me that. lol. Although, I admit
that in her day there were times when I thought her record in that
department couldn't be beat. lol.

Anyway, perhaps those three things combined is why I got this to show for it:

Are you all laughing as hard as I am?  LOL.  Ha ha.  I think I might need to modify my pattern just a fuzz.  Lol.  It's too funny.  Maybe I should consider browsing for a pattern somewhere after all.  lol.  Oh well, live and learn right?  lol.  Just had to share my weird little ole stocking with you all.  lol.  Oh, and go ahead and feel free to laugh.  I would. 



Headed To The Sewing Room

Yep, I said it. I'm heading that way in short orders. Not sure at all what I'm going to work on but I'm sure I'll find something to do. I need to make some more red border blocks. That's probably what I'll work on.

What are you all up to? I did some surfing last night and saw some neat stuff. Whatever you do today, I hope you get some stitching time in. And have fun.

Have a great day.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Just Had A Feeling

 Our city does a fall leaf pick up for the residents once a year. We rake them to the curb and they come and vac them all up. They will usually post a notice in the paper about when they will be around to certain zones to pick them up so we can have them out to the curb and ready. This year was really vague in that it just said it could start last week or this week. Well, raking last weekend wasn't going so hot with the wind the way it was and this past weekend, I was sewing.

Something told me to get out there and rake those leaves yesterday. So, I did and ughhh. I don't like it. lol. Thank goodness our yard isn't that big. I didn't even do the back yard. Just the front yard and down between the house and garden because that's where they like to collect just outside the back door. I raked huge amounts of them into my two flower beds out front for bedding/mulch for winter and then I raked the rest of what was left to the curb and this is my pile.

I raked the ones out back into the garden.  It's full too.  lol.  But sitting here this morning I hear this loud noise outside and I look out and to my surprise, it's the city guys picking up leaves.  Man, how happy was I that I raked those when I did?  I don't know what we'd have done with all of them if we hadn't gotten them out there on time. 

Here's a few shots of their amazing machine in action.

See, all gone!!!  And while I know that was one of the most boring blog posts I think I've ever posted, it's better than no post.  I missed yesterday cause I did sleep in and then I worked outside.  I was warm when I started working out front but when I got to the side of the house out of the sun, I was freezing.  I finished that up and said heck with it and came in to warm up.  lol.  I kicked back on the love seat and I noticed my neck hurt a little.  Like in the front, jaw area of my neck.  Well since I just had the heart scare I worry sometimes about little things and I know that a woman's jaw hurting can be a sign of a heart attack so I mentioned it to hubby just to be on the safe side.  Well, we got to investigating and I actually believe my glands are starting to swell.  And last night I just felt like, oh no, here it comes.  First thing this morning I felt okay but as the day goes on I think they are swelling a little more maybe and I got this dull achy headache.  I'm doing the bare minimum today cause I don't feel like breaking any records.  lol.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.  Maybe I did just pull something again in my neck with the raking, I don't know yet. 

I thought about digging out some embroidery that a friend gave me and work on that awhile but the "digging" part discouraged me.  lol.  I have a nice roast cooking right now and when hubs comes home we'll have a good meal and maybe that will help too.  lol.  If I get some pep in my step I might work on that embroidery after supper.  Yeah Right!!!

Well, I need to check the roast so I'll sign off for now.  Thanks so much for coming around and being bored out of your mind by my exciting life.  lol.  Have a great day.  Happy Stitching.


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Holie Molie

I'm on a roll.  This is the third and last post for the day.  I've been so full of energy.  lol.  I got this little project all quilted and just waiting to go in the washing machine.  I thought it turned out real cute and I love the way the colors worked.  Independently they were some pretty miserable fabrics but altogether I think they look alright.

I think I'll call it Cheddar Cheese & Crackers!!!
Happy Stitching,


Two Posts In One Day-Whoa!!

Okay so last night I wanted to sew right?  Right.  Did I sew?  Ha ha ha!!!!  Let me tell you, you would have thought my eyes were sewn shut last night.  Phew.  I was sitting here reading on my phone while I waited for my son to go do his thing before I went to sew and I couldn't hold my eyes open.  This was around 7:30 or so and the next thing you know it's 9:00.  Hubby's back home already and the kid is still sitting here.  Listening to me snore.  lol.  It was like a power nap or somethin' cause I woke up ready to go and nobody to go with and no place to go.  lol.  Honey and me decided to watch the Halloween movie that was on and stayed up real late, midnight.  haha.  We're old so midnight is real late for us.  lol. 

But alas, today has been productive for me.  Remember the seat belt cushion?  It's got a mate now.  Didn't photo it cause I reckon you seen one, you've seen them all.  After that I went ahead and sewed those red  blocks into two more rows for borders.  Then I totally switched gears.  I've had this little project put together and pinned for quilting for some time now.  At least I know I had it showing it to my fam at Labor Day, pins and all in it.  I had started hand quilting it two or three weeks ago maybe and didn't like it.  Plus I will never use t pins again to pin one in.  They constantly stabbed me while trying to hand sew it.  So, today I threw that sucker on the machine and I'm almost half done with it already.  If these men around here didn't have to eat, I'd have it made.  lol.  I'm going to head back over to the sewing room cause Honey said he didn't care if I sewed the rest of the night if I'd just get him some supper.  lol.  Isn't that sweet?  lol. 

I just gotta mention this real quick before I go.  Ever had fried apples?  Oh, we don't have them often and it's a good thing cause the way I make them , they are so totally unhealthy but man are they good.   They smell devine and taste pretty much the same.  I made some of those and some old el cheapo sirloin steaks that I usually fry and get real tough but tonight they turned out awesome and I seasoned mine just right cause it was scrumptous too.  It was kinda like comfort food to me tonight.  lol.

Happy Stitching,


I Thought My Kids Were Grown?

I'd swear this one was gonna be 25 years old and he's married.  His wife's 22.  But look at them.

Bub was his own version of Jersey Shore's "The Situation"
He was "The Predicament"

Steph was an 80's Madonna/Material Girl.
Too bad her mother-in-law used to dress like that for real!!!!!  LOL!!!!!
 They were going to a party with their best friends, Kyle and Cassie.  They're all the same age, and I think they were having way too much fun.  lol. 

Kyle was an 80's/90's MC Hammer type guy.

Too bad this one's a little blurry cause Cass was spot on as
another Jersey Shore character, "Snookie".
 They were so cute.  I'm wondering how they feel today though.  lol.  They sure will keep you young won't they?  lol.  I'm glad to see they can still act like a kid at heart cause no matter how old they get, they will always be my babies.  All of them.  Love those kids.

Just had to share.  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Couple Items Done

This is Honey's seat belt cushion thingy.

Red blocks to sew into borders for the wonkie top.

A set of red blocks sewn together in rows for border.
 Not a big huge accomplishment but something for my day.  Actually the only thing I did today was the seat belt thingy.  The blocks I did sometime through the week or last weekend.  I don't even know anymore when I did make them.  lol.  Isn't that sad?  haha.  Anyway, I hope to do some more goodies this evening after the fellas leave.  I'll hibernate in my sewing room if I can and see what I end up with.  Wish me luck.  Ha.  Happy Stitching to everyone!!!!!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hello My Quilting Friends

Hey everybody. How's everyone doing? I hope this finds you all well and busy on some lovely projects. I haven't been too busy sewing but I've been pretty busy.

Honey had Saturday off for a change so I put him to work here around the house. Lol. Poor guy. We really got a lot of indoor work done that's needed done for too long. We were both happy to have it done. Thanks again doll for your help.

Sunday was lovely and I went out to rake leaves but the wind had other plans. Lol. I cut back all my flowers and hosta's. Then I pulled out what was left of the garden. Pulled my tomato stakes and cages and put them up. I have to get the water hose in and I think we're ready for cold weather. Well, not that we want to be but like it or not it's coming. Boo hoo!

I got robbed this summer from enjoying it like I wanted and had planned. I hurt my back the first week or so in August. Don't know what I did in particular cause I didn't do anything out of the ordinary. Anyway, ends up I had a pinched nerve in my neck. After a week at my chiropractor without improvement I was sent to ER to have my heart checked just to be on safe side and all was well there. Thank goodness. But they diagnosed the pinched nerve and gave me pain meds. Oh yeah. I spent about a week flat on my back doing nothing. I wasn't a happy camper cause I don't like being out of commission. I had beans and tomatoes coming on like mad and I couldn't do a thing about it. Honey had to do it and I don't like putting stuff off on him. He works hard enough. After the pain got tolerable to where I could do something I found myself weaker than snot. Then depression kind of took ahold for a minute. I just didn't enjoy the latter part of summer at all.

Ok my pity party is over. Lol. After all that I can tell you I was more than happy to be outside on such a beautiful day as I'm sure there won't be many more.

I don't know when in between all the work but I did work on some red borders for the wonkie block top. Red's even more fun than the blue. So cute. I'll get them posted later.

Welp. Guess I've rambled enough today. Happy stitching!!


Friday, October 22, 2010

Do You See This?

Huh?  All these blue blocks, did ya ever dream I'd throw in some red?  Ha Ha, neither did I.  I gotta tell ya, the blue is pretty and all but it was boring me to death and I thought about how I'd proceed from here and I've had  some thoughts about varied reds as a border on this quilt.  Maybe a white border around the blue blocks and then some sort of red border around that and that's about as far as I've gotten.  lol.  I thought though that I might drop that red in there to draw the eye from a red border to the center of the quilt, kinda tie it in.  I don't know.  Sounds good now but we'll see what she turns out like. 

What are you all doing tonight?  I'll stroll around here after bit and check cause I'm nosey that way.  lol.  Hope everyone has a good night.  Take care.


Some New Goodies!!

I hate going to Wal-Mart.  Used to love it but now that I'm weird, I just don't like going many places at all.  lol.  But I had to go tonight and while I was there I took a walk down the sewing/beading/whatever aisle.  I'm still mad at them for getting rid of their domestics department.  They just have some small basic stuff now like the likes of what I got tonight for their "sewing" section.  But I was tickled with my purchases tonight none the less.  My sister gave me a rotary cutter a good year, year and a half ago and she said it needed a blade when she gave it to me and she couldn't have been any more right about the blade.  Wouldn't cut butter but I tried using it the other day to cut out my square blocks from those wonkie blocks and while it worked it was messy, yada yada.

Tonight I'm the proud owner of a brand new rotary cutter blade.  lol.  Doesn't take much to tickle me does it?  lol.  I'm down to two spools of white thread so I grabbed a couple more of those and some velcro to make seat belt cushion thingy's.  You know, they pad the belt so it doesn't rub hickey looking things on some folks necks from wearing their seat belt.  My husbands work truck was the worse and we bought a set of them for it.  But he left them in it and now I don't have my pattern anymore.  I need to make a set for our car and thought about making some for Christmas gifts.  Then I got a set of little snaps for any little thing that might come up.  Thinking about making some more baby bibs.  The last ones I made had ties and I just don't think they may be the safest thing.  I used to like the velcro ones for my kids or ones that snapped so they could come off quickly if need be.  Something that had give in case of emergency.  Ties just draw a knot tighter when yanked on so it always kind of bothered me I made them that way.

Anyway, because I haven't been sewing I thought I'd at least post a boring picture of my new stuff.  lol.  Hope everyone is having a good Friday night and are getting some stitching in.  I might try out my new cutter here after bit but no promises.  lol.

Gotta go play.  Have a great weekend.  Everyone take care.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blaghhhh Day

Hey everybody.  How is everyone tonight?  I hope this finds everyone well.  I am sitting around waiting for the Duggars to come on.  I have an hour to go.  lol.  Yeah, I said it, Duggars.  That's another post though.  lol.  Tonight I'm posting pics of one more block I got done yesterday and a little bookmark I had to try.

While these little wonkie blocks are fun to make, they are so time consuming.  I don't know if I'm doing it wrong or not but wow.  I'm not complaining though, just sayin'.  So I got a grand total of 7 of the little darlings done yesterday.  This is the last one.

Then I had found this bookmark idea over on Steel Scraps and had to give it a whirl.  I'm not much for following directions so I changed this up alot.  I'm lazy so I improvised and came up with this so quick it wasn't even funny and it's rough (meaning, very basic, thrown together, no fuss).  I can't imagine how cute they'd look just putting a little time into them.  Just a little time I say cause it's really a snap.  I won't bore you with the how and why unless you're interested and I could post about it but here is what I ended up with.

I could use a dozen of these right off the bat just for the ladies in the family.  I may make some of these little delights up in the morning.  Today I just did not feel well.  Didn't do anything.  It was just a blaghhh day as the title suggests.  lol.  I plan on being up early tomorrow so maybe I'll get at the machine and do a couple more bookmarks and a couple more blocks and who know what else.  I got alot of catching up to do on my housecleaning since I neglected everything today but I intend to sew first, clean second.  lol.  Have a good night.  Happy Stitching.


Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm Such A Fibber

Well, in my last post I was looking forward to some sewing time and said I'd post photo's the next day.  Did you see any photo's yesterday?  NO.  Know why?  lol.  I just didn't want to work on that project that I had set my mind to.  So I didn't.  I know, bad girl.  But I did work on my sewing room again yesterday and I am there as far as cleaning and re-arranging.  Today I've taken advantage of my new and improved sewing room and made some wonky blocks.  Wow, what fun!!! 

I had dear old hubby elbow deep in the scrap bag last night helping me go through and sort by color.  Uh, you wouldn't believe the crap I have kept.  hah.  Anyway, I took my bigger strips and made these little crazy blocks and I am in love and am having so much fun today.  It's slow going but I can't wait to see what the next block will look like and I couldn't wait to hang them on the wall and take pics.  So, here is my work in progress.  What are you working on? 

Sorry my pics are a little blurry.  I just can't hold this camera still.  lol.  Too much coffee you suppose?  haha.  Have a great day.  Thanks for stopping by today.  Happy Stitching.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Working On Sewing Finally! Woot!!

I'm sorry I don't have a photo of my project yet but I feel all full of energy and would rather sew tonight instead of taking pictures. I'll post pics tomorrow of it.

I took a look at it and decided it wasn't as bad as I thought maybe. It is just a doll blanket and its practice so I'm just forging on. Lol. No ripping out, just trying harder. Hee hee.

First I have to eat just one more Dole fruit juice bar. Lol. My wicked little weekend obcession. Yummy.

Happy Saturday Evening. Happy stitching to you all.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Foliage

Hi everyone.  I hope this finds everyone well.  I'm doing good. 

Last Sunday, 10-10-10, hubby took me for an awesome road trip to look at the leaves changing around the area.  We missed flower garden gawking this summer because we didn't have a vehicle we could just go joy riding in.  There are three times of year that I like to just get in the car and go ride.  I love, love, love driving around looking at folks' flowers in the spring/early summer.  Then I like going in the fall to see the leaves change and then again at Christmas to see lights.  Used to be a tradition when I was a kid that we drove out to the country club here in town and drove through the housing around there and stared in amazement at the lovely mansion style homes all decked out with lights from the inside out.  Well, I was a kid and it was the 70's.  Not alot of winter entertainment around here.  lol. 

Anyway, since this is supposed to be a quilting/sewing blog, I thought I'd lay off posting pictures from everyday things and try to stick to sewing related stuff more.  But I got such beautiful photo's from our fall foliage tour that I had to share.  I ended up making a slideshow on my Associated Content site.  Here is the link to the slideshow:  Ohio Fall Foliage.  Hope you all enjoy it.  It couldn't have been a more gorgeous October day. 

Hope you all get some sewing done today.  I haven't been in the mode lately but I feel it stirring.  Hopefully, I can finish up on a project I started last week or so.  But I want to try something new.  There's a new quilt block I want to try and make and I found a candle mat pattern that is really cute that would be an excellent Christmas gift for the ladies in my family.  I need priorities.  lol.  Not just with sewin' either, let me tell ya.  lol. 

Got to get along today.  Happy quilting to everyone.  Take care.  Have a good one.


Saturday, October 9, 2010