Sunday, February 22, 2009

Well Heck,

Sometimes I don't think I can do anything right! Please just allow me to list the things that have been "wrong" this last week since I last posted. Hopefully after you see, you will forgive me for asking you all to keep a watch out for something exciting the next time I post. Warning: This post is not exciting!! lol.

First off, last time I posted I mentioned Valentine's Day but didn't elaborate on mine. That's cause it sucked. That's neither here nor there but I had to get that out there. lol.

Second, the little stupid quilt top I've been working on and wanted to get together got put together and now it's about to get put in the trash. That stupid thing is 2 inches longer on one side than the other. What the heck? I was sure I was working with all the same size blocks when I started but they were pre-cut when I got ahold of them so I should have made sure. Anyway, so now I have this quilt top that I don't know how to fix or even have the desire to fix at this point. I thought about chopping it up into doll quilts or something. But gee whiz did that cheese me off. Should have know when I had to hem some of those rows in places that it would end up that way. Still kicking myself.

Third, I thought that this here post in particular would make me post number 75 and I had been wanting to do a giveaway since I missed it on the 50th post. Well, as usual, I was wrong, this is now post 76 and the last one would have been the one to announce a giveaway. Ding Dong. Must practice basic math skills and reading ability. lol. So, I've blown it and also have been having major anxiety about doing a giveaway afterall. I must confess, this bugs me and I wouldn't want someone to think bad of me for it but I've mentioned before, I smoke. I'm terrified to send any of my stash out to folks who may not and may detect a smoke odor on the fabric. I can't wash pre-cut squares so that they would look like anything when they got done and I don't have any fat quarters or yardage to giveaway so that I could pre-wash that and seal it before giving it away. Gee whiz. All in the name of a cigarette. lol. So, I beg everyone's forgiveness on the fake out regarding the exciting news in the next post that I last posted about. I just can't do it right now.

Fourth, there is just worry, worry, worry everywhere I turn right now and it's wearing me down and I'm retreating just a little bit. I had to go pay bills the other day by myself and I about hated it. I just attempted to start my meds this last week but they made me sick to my stomach so I'm waiting to try agan tomorrow with those. Monday will start a fresh new week to get on track with them. But, nothing creative has happened all week.

And last but not least, I am so sick of this cold weather that I can't hardly stand it. I think about it and this is about the time of year I typically get itchy to be able to get outside and tend my yard and all. I want like everything to spring clean this house but I don't have the energy. I got one corner in the kitchen done a week or so ago and that's it.

So, now I'm going to ask everyone to forgive me for whining and thank you in the same note that I can come here and get this off my chest once in a while. lol. I feel lots better now. I won't promise anymore exciting news and I'll not be dreaming of hosting giveaways anytime soon (lol) but I hope you all continue to come by and see what's happening here. I so enjoy visiting all of you. It's my time of the day when I can sit down here and go through my list and see what everyone is up to. I'm so jealous of some of you. lol. But I also think it's neat how most are so devoted to their love of the craft of quilting. Keep it up!!!

Happy Stitching,


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hodge Podge Sunday


I know I'm late but love is still in the air, right? I hope all you folks here in blog land had a great Valentine's Day.

Today I had to hand sew a pair of jeans that my son blew out at the top and down the right side of the left back pocket. Not at all fun. Then I put them on the machine and went over them a time or two after that just to make sure. This isn't the first time I fixed these pants and I'm afraid it is going to be the last though. lol. I could have sewn and patched on them all day. But just so long as the back end isn't air conditioned anymore was all the more we had to do today. Next I'm going to go finish the quilt of many colors quilt top. I got batting and backing for it last night. I decided the sheet I had bought at Goodwill was going to be used for my "Man Quilt" instead of this lap quilt. If I am so inclined I might start cutting some blocks for the "Man Quilt" later on. lol. But I just bought a twin sized flat sheet in a pretty light blue shade to use on the back of this quilt of many colors. I also bought some quilt binding just because it was on sale/clearance and it's an off-white. If I use that on it, that will add yet another color to the mix. lol. I like color. lol.

Later on we are going to my oldest brother's house for a fried chicken liver feast. Our grandma used to make the best fried chicken livers and biscuits and gravy you ever laid your lips to. Yummy. If you guys are like my husband and youngest son, I know you are saying "Gross!". lol. It's the most extreme food that I eat that is for sure but I do love them and my brother and I were talking the other day about how we'd like to have some and well, one thing led to another and we're all supposed to get together tonight and pig out. lol. I kinda wish I didn't have to go but it will be nice to at least not have to cook tonight.

My sister loved her pillow I sent her for Valentine's. I sent it to her via my brother who was going to see her Friday and she called me yesterday and went on and on. She made me feel so good about my work. I have a problem with my confidence level still. lol. But, anyway, now my brother tells me he likes birds too and that sure was a pretty pillow (hint, hint). I'll have to see what I can do. I still have curtains to cut off and hem for the kid. I told him today that I will have those done this week. Now the pressure is on. But I need to spend more time sewing anyway so I might as well committ. lol.

I will have a suprise for those who stop by and visit in my next post. Not sure when that will be exactally but I hope tonight or tomorrow. You all stay tuned to see what I have up my sleeve. It will be cool. No worries. lol.

Meantime, enjoy your Sunday afternoons. Happy Stitching to everyone.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Some Good News

My sister, Becky, is in remission with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Praise God. We got even better news Monday night when we heard she got the results of her latest pet(?) scan. This latest test came back with great results. Her plattelettes also came up to where they should be. That's an improvement from the last time. Yeah!! I know she's been worried about the results of this one for some reason but I'm so happy that she now knows she's still okay and I can't imagine what a relief it is to her to know. I cannot imagine and never will attempt to let on like I understand what it's like to have cancer. All I know is that even though she has been given this good news and a clean bill of health, she must still always carry in the back of her mind the fear of it's return. I just hope she grasps this good news and it helps her spirits to lift somewhat. If she doesn't, I know she must have her reasons and I will never question that. Having cancer is personal and no one will ever know how that feels until they are told that news themselves. No two cases of the disease can be compared, it's a very individual experience. All I can do is be there for her when she needs me. And pray her spirits will lift and she will want to thrive again as the fighter I've always known her to be. I just am so overjoyed that she is well. And I wanted everyone I know to know it.

This week's plans have t-totally gone right out the window. No sewing, no more cleaning, no sewing machine brought up, nothing. If it's not one of us, it's another right now not feeling well. My husband was down for a day and a half with a mind numbing headache. My oldest boy told me today he think's he has a stomach ulcer and hasn't felt well since yesterday. The youngest actually isn't doing so bad health wise but being a teenager, there is always plenty of drama that can be draining at times to say the least. I'm still kind of a mess. Haven't gotten those meds I was supposed to get almost two weeks ago yet and had the big bro show up here wanting to know what my problem was and then once he found out he got all worried and upset over that and now I'm feeling guilt for all the ruckus that I didn't really know I was causing anybody in the first place. Geez oh pete!!! lol. I just like being quiet and be of as little bother as I can be to folks and I guess they aren't used to that from me. I'm not used to that from me but it's the way it is right now. I got all kinds of people encouraging me to go for the counselling but I'm still not sold on that either. Ah, it's like the young girl over at work is always saying (bless her heart, it's for lack of anything else better to say. lol.), she says, "Ah, it'll all buff out." lol. She's so funny and young and naive. lol.

Well, I could go on and on but I got a hungry hubby glarin' at me over my shoulder here so I'm gonna go throw on some grub. Just wanted to share about sister and my lack of any accomplishments whatsoever this week. lol. Take care.

Happy Stitching,


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Work, Work, Work

That is the theme for the day here at the old Shaffer house. If I don't talk myself out of it, I will be washing down kitchen walls and cabinets today here in short order. It's grossing me out so I have to do it. lol. We've been talking about doing some painting and upkeep in the kitchen as soon as time and money allow so I'm hoping the cleaning today will lay the ground work for that process to start taking shape. If only I had a hand sander too. lol. If I kind of "force" matters that may get the ball rolling even sooner. lol. But regardless the cleaning needs to happen whether it gets fresh paint soon or not so what's a girl to do? lol. No sewing for me today. (insert sad, sad face).

I am so anxious to get that little quilt top done, the one of many colors that only needs a few tucks and two rows sewn back on for the top to be done, yeh, that one. lol. Anyway, as soon as I get it done and find a suitable batting, I'm trying my hand at the stipple quilting again. After practicing there on Super Bowl Sunday, I think I can do it again. I did it once, on a trip around the world baby quilt I made so I know I can do it again. lol. That seems to be my primary focus but believe me I have plenty of other things I should be doing. I still have my friends quilt top to make into a full size quilt. Not eager to do it but time is ticking. Then I have a pair of drapes my son and daughter-in-law got with a bedroom set that needs cut off alot and just hemmed but I'm scared of my hemming abilities. But seeing as how they belong to the set I know they want those done as soon as possible and that's on my mind heavy. And there are several other little projects I've stuffed away for now but still I think about them from time to time and you never know when I might pluck one of those out and take a shot at it again. lol. So much to do, so little time. lol.

I asked Nora what her father thought of the pillows that I made for them and she said that it brought tears to his eyes when he seen them. She said he loved them. That makes me feel so good. And kinda sad too. I didn't mean to make the poor old guy cry. But there is enough fabric left that I think I'm just going to make up as many more as it will allow and give them to her for her daughter to have a set and whoever else she wants to have them for. But those are on hold til I get more polyfill. I stuffed those pillows with one pound of polyfill each. lol. I didn't know how else to be sure I had them both evenly stuffed so I dug out my old fashioned kitchen scale and weighed them up. One pound each. lol. Nora told me to just make some more and sell them if I wanted to but it just don't seem right. We'll see.

I'm going to get sister's pillow ready for the mail today so she'll have it by Valentine's Day. I hope she will like it and I hope by surprising her with it, it will cheer her up a bit. I have to wash it and dry it real good though before I send it. I want it ready for her to use or display or whatever she wants to do with it. I like to wash all of the stuff I make before I give it away because we smoke here in the house. It's a hassle sometimes to make sure the stuff is put in plastic and hustled out as soon as it's dry to keep it from picking up the scent again. But I am what I am and that's a smoker.

Well, oh, I almost forgot to mention. When my Mom passed away, I received my Grandmother's old Singer treadle sewing machine. It's been about six years now that I've had it and it's been sitting in my damp, musty old basement and I am not happy nor proud that it's been there that long. It has been haunting me for sometime now so tomorrow hubby said while him and both big sons are here , they will go down and get it and bring it up for me. I told him I had to be ready to clean it and put it where it was going to go though when I did get it up here. I don't want it brought up with all the dust and cobwebs and moldy, mildewing, spidery goodies on it and left to sit any time at all like that. he went so far as to tell me that as soon as we get it upstairs, we'll just get busy on cleaning it up and be done with it. Wow, that's an offer a girl can't refuse. Bless his heart. He knows how much it means to me so him offering to lend this kind of hand in the project really means the world to me. I'm scared it's damaged from being down there and don't really have a clue how to go about cleaning the wooden cabinet. Any ideas or suggestions on how to do this would be greatly appreciated. I hope it's not to the point where it will need stripped and re-varnished or anything but that would be my luck so I won't be surprised at what I find when it gets up here. I'm excited about it though. I've seen all these photo's here in blog land of how folks have them and boldly, beautifully, and proudly display them in places of honor in their homes versus being stuck in a rotty old basement for years on end. I tell you the guilt about eats me up for letting that happen. So, wish me luck tomorrow.

And I'm about to get on that major kitchen scrubbing as the boy is now leaving for work and I'm ready to get down to business. lol. Not really but it must be done. lol.

Everyone be creative today if you can. Happy Stitching to all.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Nora Loved The Pillows

The set of pillows I made this weekend for my friend at work from her mom's fabric were delivered this morning. She loved them. She said she bet her dad would really like them so I'm anxious to see tomorrow what he had to say.

I doubt I'll get any sewing done tonight. I worked on those pillows and finished up sister's yesterday. Then I started playing around with trying to stipple quilt some little sandwiches I threw together to practice on. Hours later and tons of thread later I emerged feeling like maybe when I get the quilt of many colors done I might remember how I practiced it and can try this again. lol. I knew I could do it but it just wasn't working for me the last few times I did try it. I might sound dumb here but I think I figued out that last time I tried I didn't take the shank off my machine. Could be the reason it wouldn't move and sat and spun millions of tiny little knots on me, eh? lol. Anyway, I was just trying to burn some time while the stupid Super Bowl was on. Sorry, no offense to any football fans but I can't stand it. At half time I had quit playing in the sewing room and begged hubby to trade me rooms so I could watch what I wanted from my beloved sofa. lol. He did it, bless his heart. I didn't do much over the weekend sewing wise but I'm tired today and don't think I'll mess with anything except supper tonight.

I'm even gonna sign off now and take a power nap before the troops get home on me here tonight. Take care.

Happy Stitching,


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sister's Pillow Is Done

Sorry for the cheesy photo's. This is what I'm sending my sister for Valentine's Day. I hope she likes it.



Keep On Keeping On,


What A Week

First let me start by apologizing for not being around posting anymore than I have this last week. Looks like tomorrow will make a week since I posted. I'm sure any of you who are in northeast/north central Ohio right may have a clue what this week has been like around here. I wrote and whined Monday about how cold it was and that was that. Well, the storm of the century came Wednesday as you all know and yesterday (Saturday), we finally got completely dug out. The stress of worrying over my loved ones travelling this past week has about put me at the edge. lol.

I've been having washing machine issues and it must be off kilter because it's making all kinds of taking off and landing sounds but thank goodness it has not left the floor as of yet. lol. It isn't spinning right and I have to either wash a real small load or let it do it's thing and run the spin cycle two or three times with a normal load. Ordinarily I could take this with a grain of salt but right now all of us (three of us) are wearing two and three layers of clothes to work and such and keeping them all clean and ready for wear are also taking it's toll on me. It's laundry everywhere I look. Sweatshirts, long johns, hunting socks, big stupid boots all over my house. I think this may be the closest I've come to cabin fever yet. Plan today is to belt out all the laundry for the week and hopefully we can start reducing the number of layers we wear this week too. While I hear it's supposed to get warmer, I also hear another big storm coming tomorrow. We'll see.

There was no creating over the past week. My quilt of many colors is just as it is with the last two rows still needing taken in and re-attached. I did get the sheet that I want to use for the backing washed yesterday so it's ready when I am. lol. Washing my quilting supplies hasn't been a priority with all the other laundry right now. lol. Yesterday I did sew a button on my boys dress pants. I know, WOW. I should be so proud. lol.. Hey, I ironed them too. For that alone I should get Mother of the Year award. lol. He was supposed to be going to a dance at Northwestern High School last night with his girlfriend but she is evidently having some major bullying issues with the girls on her cheer squad there and after the game last night she was so upset at how they treated her that she didn't even want to go to the dance. Poor kid. Why are kids so mean? These aren't little kids either, they're high schoolers. Personally I just want to smack them all real hard just once to wake them up but the law won't allow me to run around slapping mouthy teenagers so I'll just vent about them here. lol. I was crashed when Shawn got home but I'm sure he said they went bowling with her family instead. Not only do I feel bad for her but for my baby boy too. He left here going to a dance, ya know? I just want to put a bubble around this one and keep him locked up and my baby forever. But, the law won't allow that either. Darn laws. lol. Here's a couple blurry, not the best pics ever of him before he left for the dance last night.



I told hubby to come have a pic made with his handsome son and this is what we get gang:


Dorks, but I love them just the same. They're my dorks.

I work with a great lady, Nora who's dear Mom passed away on New Year's Eve. She has really been through it and her father is also not in good health at all. She is working two jobs and trying to do her best to care for the both of them before her mom passed and now just worrying about her dad losing his will to live at this point is weighing on her heavy. Maybe put in a prayer for her strength and that her dad will get better. Anyway, last weekend she brought me some of her mom's clothes and some fabrics scraps that she thought I might want. In the box was this lovely piece of blue fabric with colorful birds all over it. There must have been a yard and a half of it and Nora told me her mom loved birds and was just in love with that piece of fabric. Her dad didn't really want her to give the fabric away because mom loved it so much. So, she asked me if I would make her a set of throw pillows out of it anyway so dad could have them around the house. I got busy and did get her pillows made yesterday. There is still enough fabric for a few more sets probably. I might see if she'd want me to go ahead and use up the rest and make her a few more sets of them. If not, I have to come up with an idea to use it. I did take a piece of the scrap from the first set and am working on a little block type pillow for my sister I think. My sissy needs her spirits lifted and maybe a nice little gift in the mail to say I love you might cheer her up a little. I hope to finish hers today. Here's a pic of the pillows for Nora and the start of the block for my sis.




And now I must get busy and get the clothes going and get ready to make some breakfast. Have a great Sunday and I hope all your week's are great. Let's pray this storm passes us up tomorrow.

Happy Stitching,