Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Flower Garden is Done

Well, today I worked on the flower garden and was so worked up that I made some rash decisions on putting it together and it shows. It may come apart again before it's over. Anyway, here is what I came up with and, eh. Today just probably wasn't the day to tackle it but what's done is done now.

Flower Garden Quilt

Taking a Moment for Me

I feel so bad. I've started a blog and while I know I don't have many viewers, I feel I have let someone down by not posting in so long. Looks like it's been about ten days. So to make me feel better, my apologies for the slacking.

There is one day left with the Christmas In July Sale on etsy. Still no sales but I have gained a bunch of people who have marked me as a fav. That's a good thing. Someone's been viewing my site. lol. I hold out hope. I have an idea for an old item I've pulled out of the closet a time or two and I may try it again on etsy but with a much sooner debut than the last time I tried it. We will see.

My oldest son's wedding is in 10 days and the pressure is really on all of us right now. My posting may become even less until they are married and living happily ever after. lol. So apologies in advance.

Still haven't done anything else with the Flower Garden project I'm working on but I have ideas about it all the time. I just am puzzled as to what to use to finish it off and truly make it have some "wow" factor. I intend on doing lace and such at this point in time and I hope to lay out some awesome quilting on this one. Only thing holding me up really is choosing the border fabric/fabrics. And I still have the seat cushions to put together. I did do another prototype of a mini and came up with something better that will not use so much fabric. I want to get heavy duty stuff and I want to use it sparingly. But it's all gonna take a back burner for the moment. I gotta get this kid hitched and keep him sane til then. lol. Now, who's gonna keep me sane? lol.

Have a Great Day!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I Went Ahead And Put My Shop On Sale

I went ahead and did my sale stuff on etsy tonight since the sale does start tomorrow. Please stop by and check out my new low prices.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I've Been Busy Today

Oh man. Have you ever noticed that when you have a day off and nothing in particular planned, and the likelihood of sleeping-in is promising; that it is impossible to do so? Now when I woke up this morning and turned to the clock to see if I indeed had slept in, I was slightly miffed right off the bat. It was 7 daggone 30. What the heck? I'll tell ya what the heck. After a blind trip to the bathroom, blind meaning I didn't wear my glasses, as I hoped perhaps I could lay there and coax myself back to sleep awhile after I ran to the potty. Well, I will not provide detail, however I was not happy after the trip to the restroom either. So, I go get my spectacles and bounce off the walls as I make my way through the obstacle course that is my home. I get to the kitchen and realize......NO COFFEE!!!!! As Reba would say, "Crap". Not lookin' good. Anyway I decide that Pepsi will do for a quick burst of wake up caffeine. If I hadn't felt so lousey I would have walked to the store and got a cup of coffee but I knew Pepsi was only a footstep or two away.

In addition to normal morning fuzzy head, I also was experiencing what I call "straight-tripping". I forgot my evening dose of medication last night and when I do that my head does crazy things. It just feels funny like slow motion or something. So, I take my regular dose as usual this morning on an empty stomach and sit and wait for the heartburn to begin. While I'm doing this, I go for a cigarette and realized I was lazy last night and didn't roll any extra and my husband had taken the bulk of them to work this morning. Go figure. So, I decide I will ration what I have so I don't have to start rolling right away, especially with the fuzzy head.

I don't know about anyone else's cable line-up but ours seems to offer nothing but infomercials in the early morning hours. Well, I certainly wasn't in the mood to have how fat and frumpy I am pointed out to me that early in the morning by the twigs exercising their blonde heads off. So, I tune in to our local PBS station and what do I catch but Sewing with Nancy. I've provided this link to catch some of her shows online for free. The particular episode I saw today is not in that line-up, however I am so happy I caught it as while I was watching it I was finding it kind of boring until they began making a seat cushion cover. Well, I paid attention for the most part and went on with my business when it was over. Never thinking anything of it at the time, it came to me this evening that what I saw today would be perfect for a set of golf cart seat covers that I have been given the opportunity to make for pay. I have been pondering the idea of how to make them with great difficulty as my husband said I would probably have to use elastic to make them removeable. I have not really used elastic before and the few times I tried, I lost hope almost instantly. So you see why this was a worry for me. When he showed me the photo's today of the seats to be covered, that episode of Sewing with Nancy instantly popped into my head as the ideal way to make these cushion covers, as the lesson was a technique using gathering and a drawstring on the bottom of your covers for removeablility. Wow, it was like a lightbulb went off for me.

Needless to say, I am sitting here looking at a miniture prototype now as I made a cover for a matchbox just to see how it would work. I'll try and get a pic on here of it.




But I also made a microwaveable corn heating pad for a friend of mine. Her little boy needed one so I made him a little version of one today. I even shucked the field corn myself for the project. My brother brought me the corn and now he wants a bag too. I'll probably make his tomorrow. I also have to get my etsy stuff ready for the sale. I wanted to do it today but my little projects along with not feeling good at all kept me from doing a whole lot. Plus the heat is terrible. It's been another 90 degree day here in good old Ohio.

But in closing I just wanted to say that no matter if you think you are going to have a bad day, it really can turn around and I feel like it's been a pretty good day after all. I spent most of it doing something I love. Just goes to show that it pays to pay attention to stuff. You never know when you may need that information. What a coincidence this information came to me today after I saw the photos of those seats. I'm anxious to get started on them already. Even better, we get to go buy new fabric for the job. Woohoo, new fabric.!! lol. My Flower Garden quilt may get shoved back on the burner even though I don't like having a million jobs going on, sometimes I am weak. lol. I'm gonna hit the hay for tonight. And thanks to everyone who's taking a peak on my little quilted world.

Have a Good Night,

Friday, July 18, 2008

Just Chillin' On A Friday Night

Hey everybody. Just thought I'd pop in tonight to do a quick update and mention a few things. First of all, can we say "thank goodness it's the weekend?" I know I am. It has been a doozey of a week here and I am off Saturday and Sunday and so, so happy about it. I worked really hard today especially at work and real hard last night here at home and I am exhausted. My feet are so swollen and sore. My toes look like sausages. lol. I should have them up for awhile maybe but I've had lots to do online tonight while I got the house here to myself.

First off I would like to mention a huge sale over at It starts July 2oth and runs through July 31st. It is a Christmas in July Sale. A couple hundred sellers will be offering great prices on not just Christmas items but other things as well. So, if you are interested in buying handmade and are looking for something really, really unique I would highly recommend stopping by and checking out the deals. My shop will be included with reductions or free shipping on all items in my shop. Hoping for that first sale and a Christmas in July event sounds like a good try. Wish me luck.

Second, I wanted to update on my work in progress, The Flower Garden. I did manage to get it torn apart the other day and some measurements taken for some strips to go in between the 4 big blocks. I need to measure for the outside strips yet and then get to cutting. I'm in need of some motivation as it would not take me long at all to finish up this little jewel. My problem tonight is that I saw another little project I am dying to try but I'm restraining myself because I don't like having multiple projects going on. In the end though, this little quilt will look totally different from the way it is pictured now. I think I'll be alot happier with it than as it was. I'll keep you posted on the progress and post pics as they become available.

For tonight I will close. I just wanted to get those things mentioned and now I might put these fat feet up to rest a spell. Happy Quilting.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Finally A Day Off

Today is Wednesday, July 16th. I started my new job last Wednesday and today is my first day off since. Thought I'd sleep in but found myself wide awake at 7:30 a.m. What to do, what to do? I know what I'd like to do. I'd like to get at that quilt top I'm working on and get it tore apart and re-worked. I have my eye on a potential customer for it already. But I want it ready to present to her before I say a word about it. I have until approximately Sept. 11th but this being a fourth or fifth child for the mother and the fact that she's already been to the hospital twice already, I may not have that long at all.

But Mom Duty will take precedence today as I'll be getting my youngest up soon to go the kalahari resort( He's going with some long time friends of the family and I'm happy he gets to go but as a mom I worry. He'll be driving. And coming home alone. I have to print off maps and all and give him the lecture and stuff you know. lol. But he has to be up at their house at noon to head that way. I'll see if he'll take some pics of the place and I'll post them. It sounds like an awesome place. He's been there before and had a blast.

And then there is the chance I may have to ride with my future daughter-in-law to pick up their new truck today. Of course I can't drive the new truck home, I have to drive the old car back. lol. I'm chuckling because now I have to share a little story with you all. It's not funny but we have to see a little humor in it to get through it right now. Last Friday, the 11th, my son and his fiance and another couple went camping and a few hours after they arrived at their site my son's buddy accidently totalled my boy's truck. Got stuck in a mudhole and lost control trying to get it out and hit a parked truck head on. Thank God no one was hurt but totally put a damper on the trip. lol. This is the second time in about 10 months my son has had to buy a new vehicle due to accidents that were no fault of his at all. First time a woman pulled out right in front of him and they whacked bumper to bumper. Banged them both up pretty good and totalled both cars, coincidently both cars were dodge neons. Well, this most recent vehicle wrecked was the one he had to get to replace the neon. And now you see why we must chuckle as it doesn't seem he has much luck as far as vehicles go and by no fault of his own is the kicker. Only thing that matters to me really is that everyone is still here and no worse for the wear. Cars and trucks come and go.

I also have to do some major, major big time house cleaning today in between all of the possibilities the day brings. When I haven't been at work this last week it seems I've been alseep. Years ago I worked this same shift and don't remember it being so hard for me to get in the swing of things. I guess it's old age settin' in. lol. But the house sure is showing signs of neglect and that's why I'll close now. I need to get it started and the boy up and see what course the day is gonna take. Perhaps this afternoon I shall get to work on the quilt top. Meantime, happy quilting to all!!


Friday, July 11, 2008

Man Am I Glad It's Friday

Wow. What a week. I haven't sewn all week long and I am just too tired to do it tonight. I started my job this week on Wednesday and I've been getting up at 4 a.m. I get home at 1 and the minute I sit down, I fall asleep. Bad part about it is, I sleep 2-3 hours and then I can't sleep at night and so the vicious cycle begins all over again. lol. I do have to work tomorrow but tonight I hope to be able to get to bed and get some decent sleep.

My latest project that I have posted a pic of above is coming apart. I am totally not happy with the way my squares line up and I know I can do better so maybe tomorrow I can make an appointment with my seam ripper and get busy. I have everything I need to finish the quilt but time is what I don't have. I think I'm going to put this one on my etsy site but I might advertise it as a lap quilt as that is what kept coming to mind as I was piecing it. I kept thinking of a little old lady sitting with it on her lap. But whatever people want to use it for is up to them.

I am wanting to make a quilt out of denim, corduroy and flannel. I want to make it a full size quilt but I'm freaking out wondering how working with a big old full size is gonna work at the machine for me. That's why I cheat and make the baby quilts and even they can get bulky to work with when you're quilting them. I have all the material I'll need for it too for the top anyway. I'll have to get backing fabric and I hate the thoughts of having to piece a back for it. I keep hoping to stumble on to some nice sheets at yard sales and such that I may be able to use with it. The problem there is I am never able to get to the sales. lol.

I'm on a pretty limited if not non-existent budget right now. lol. I really can't spend money on fabric so I've been collecting up old jeans and flannels for this quilt top. And when I was working full-time and had some extra money, I would go to the thrift store down the street on Saturday and you can fill a bag for $5.00 so I've bought up the corduroy that way and some more denim so really I'm hoping to make this thing for next to nothing. I'll have to try and remember to post when/if I get this done on about what I think it ran to make it. I'm really interested in knowing. I probably wouldn't have to spend another dime to make it if I made it as a rag quilt which is appealing for a couple reasons. The main one being, I'm sure I could handle putting that together on the machine. But I am not very fond of making the rag quilts. I think they are alot of work really. I've found them to be pretty time consuming too. Then, I know that in order to accomplish the rag technique, you have to cut it but man does that seem redundant to me. lol. You sit and sew something together for hours and then you sit and cut it up for hours. lol. What's a girl to do?

Just a note too, that if anyone has any interesting sewing/quilting links that you think are worthy of mention, please let me know and I'll see about putting them on here. I'm wanting to network with people who love to do what I do so if you think it's something I can bring attention to, please just let me know. As time allows I want to post some direct links to some sites, patterns mainly that I found and really enjoyed. I hope to also put links to online fabric shops and probably a list of sewing/quilting blogs or forums, etc. I say I hope to cause I'm lucky to have the time to be so long winded on here tonight and that doesn't always happen so bare with me as I hope to put together a helpful, fun place to want to visit but it may take some time.

And for tonight, I think I will turn in. Happy sewing to everyone!!

Good Night,

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Opening Jargon

Welcome to my new blog, My Quilted World. I'm Renee and I love to quilt and sew in general. I'm new to the whole world of sewing and I can't believe all the years I wasted not being a part of it. It truly has become a passion for me and I only wish I had more time to devote to it.

I guess you could say my Grandmother, Mrs. Lela Fultz was my inspiration for wanting to learn to sew so I could make quilts like she used to. Now Gran made alot of quilts during the time I was growing up and while I recall countless piles of squares and blocks and finished quilt tops, I also remember helping get right down on the floor either helping to draw them tight or actually pinning the layers together. But as a child, I didn't have any desire to learn the in's and out's of how she did her "thing". And now as an adult, oh how I wish I had paid attention and asked questions. So now, after about 2 1/2 years I think I have gotten my own "thing" somewhat downpat but am constantly wishing I knew more about it and had more people to talk to about it. And to be perfectly honest I wish my Grandmother and my Mom both were still with me. Oh the fun we'd have getting material, cutting blocks, piecing, etc. The whole nine yards. Unfortunately, both these sweet, sweet ladies are with the Lord now and truly, deeply missed in many ways.

My sister also sews and we've gotten together a couple times and talked about it and swapped material and I'd love to pick her brain and just observe her for awhile but the dreaded time constraints of life keep getting in my way. So when I do have some free time, it would be great to hop online and have a world of knowledge at my fingertips when it comes to my questions and concerns, etc. And I figured the only way to get the ball rolling is to get a blog and get going.

My dream would be to replace having to go outside the home to work with being able to make a living at what I love to do from right here in my home. I've always just wanted to be at home for my kids. While I have had alot more time with my kids than alot of folks, I've always ended up having to get a job and go to work. I am not career driven and never have been, resulting in a string of miserable jobs and a sense of always wanting to just be home with my kids instead. And now regrettably, my kids are grown. Well, almost. My youngest son is 17 and will be a senior in high school this fall. Let's face it, he doesn't really need his mommy anymore and with the economy these days I can't "not" work right now. Matter of fact, I begin a new "real" job tomorrow morning at 5 a.m. Wish me luck! lol. But on the side and in the free time I get, I have been quilting my tail off. I go through spurts and have just gotten off my tail and got going with some of my projects. I've sold a handful of my work to friends and family, a few on ebay, and most recently I've found Etsy. I love, love, love this site. I just need to get some traffic to my storefront and I can't do that unless I try. Another reason I joined the world of blogging. So, here's my etsy storefront link if you're interested.

I hope this turns out to be everything I hoped it would and then some. And I hope to develop some good relationships with people who share my passion. If you love quilting like I do, please feel free to post and make comments. And remember, I'm also new to blogging and who knows what shape this site may take. Let's hope for the best.

Have a Great Day!