Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Finish Number 3

Well, my house isn't clean and laundry isn't done yet but the purse is.  Tah dah!!!!  I'm happy with it and have let the sister-in-law unit know it's ready.  Woo hoo!!!  I love making progress.  lol.

I love the ribbon on the handles and the fabric the sash is made of was some of the first I ever bought.  I hated like everything to cut into it and now I am on my last little hunk of it.  There are tons of pockets in the purse.  And for cuteness I took a clasp off of a pair of bibs and sewed on so it will hook over the button on the purse and fasten.  It's a big ole thang.  lol.  I made it out of size 13 levi's.  But I was told she wanted a big one, a tote sort of thing.  So, here we have it.  I just hope they like it.  This girl it is for wanted one back in May when they all went on a trip to Berlin. The $60.00 price tag scared her though. Do you think $30.00 is too much to ask? I'd like some input if you have any please.

Well, now back to the other dreaded work I got to do around here. Take care.


I Just Entered An Awesome Giveaway!

Red Rose Farm Fat Quarters and Tea Towel Giveaway
Wow, I could only be so lucky. If you've checked out late bloomers blog you know what I'm saying about being lucky enough to be the recipient of this beautiful fabric. Sixteen fat quarters of bright, cheery, dare I say, flamboyant, insanely gorgeous fabric. That is such a generous giveaway.  I don't usually partake but this is so lovely and I so want to have it.  lol.  I, not so secretly, would love to have the fabric but would not be disappointed in the tea towel set either.  It's so cute. 

I know my fabric stash/supply is ugly but man it is never more prevalent than right after I look at all these blogs with these scrumptious fabrics and sweet projects made from them.  One day, I say, one day I shall have lovely fabrics!!!  lol.  I really, really wish I had known I would develop such a love of fabric and sewing and quilting because I would not have passed on some of my Grandma's massive, massive quilting stash had I known.  God rest her soul.  I miss that old gal.  She would have been wowed by today's choices.  Of course, Gran was tickled with anything because she knew hard times and I'm sure she made more than one quilt out of old clothes and scraps she accumulated throughout her years.  When she was able to buy new fabrics for her quilts, she was like a kid in a candy store.  lol.  Ah, the good old days.  The Ben Franklin store in Loudonville hated to see us coming when they had new fabric and such.  lol. 

I have a confession, I have not been faithfully working on my sewing for two days now.  I was on such a roll.  I don't know what got into me, maybe a pity party, but I've spent two days of sleeping and doing as little as possible.  lol.  Hubby just about might be at wits end with me on that so I think today I will do something.  lol.  Probably house cleaning/laundry related.  But of course, you know I had to come here first and foremost before I begin the "real" work.  I'm going to try to photograph the little doll quilt thingy I have put together and that is awaiting quilting to be complete.  I'd like to set some sewing goals for myself but I feel like that is too much pressure today with all the catching up I have to do in other areas.  lol.

No pressure to anyone but I hope you have great stitchy days!!


Monday, September 27, 2010

Slow Sunday

Hello, hello. I hope this finds everyone well. I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was pretty awesome. I didn't leave the house I don't think. Lol. Yesterday was like the Sunday that never would end. A great lazy kind of day, actually.

I'll have you know I was not lazy however. Lol. I worked on the denim purse. The ribbon is on the handles and already made the biggest difference in the looks of it. Ended up only shortening the handles by an inch. I hope I made the right decision. I had to rip some stitches around the top of the purse where it all gets held together. Then I decided to hand stitch around there instead and it looks awesome. Then I took it back to the machine to sew it all down and in place. I got around once and just started the second lap when my thread broke. Pftt...I was done. My eyelids were feeling like they do when I read myself to sleep. Lol. Called it a night.

Sure wish I had the gumption to finish her up today. Needs one more row of securing stitches and then a sash and it's done. I still have to make that but that's a cake walk compared to the rest of the job.

I'm just enjoying being all wrapped up warm and cozy on my couch watching the boob tube. I'll sew later. Lol. Hope everyone has a warm and cozy day of their own.

Happy stitching.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Getting Ready to Re-Vamp A Purse

It got so late on me yesterday that I didn't get back at the denim purse last night but I am going to get ready and work on it here soon. 

I played with my template last night and came up with this current one.  The photo at the top now is of our cherry plum tree early this Spring.  I thought it just made a dynamite shot with that gorgeous blue sky in the background.  I have full shots of the tree but unfortunately they are cluttered with the sights of my neighbors back yard.  I have seen some amazing photography on the blogs I surf so I thought I'd try some odd angles that I might not ordinarily use to take a pic and this is the result.  I liked it.  Captured the beauty of the day and not the neighbors Ford Ranger and car ramps.  lol.  Believe it or not that tree is like completely nekkid now.  lol.  It's pitiful.  Well, of course now I have to tell the story of this tree.  I don't have to but I want to.  lol.

Our youngest boy, Shawn brought this little twig home one day in a plastic bag and said he had gotten it at school for Arbor Day.  Hmm.  Nice.  I never planted a tree before.  Didn't have a clue where to put it.  It currently is the one and only tree on our lot.  We are bordered by trees pretty well but this is our only one.  Anyway, I planted it out back in a spot I thought it could occupy for awhile.  I never dreamed it would survive but it grew a little more each year and just finally got to the point where it needed some trimming these last few years so we've been trimming it away trying to get it more tree like than shrub like and it has finally fruited after all these years.  I can't say for sure how long we've had it but I'd say Bud was about 6 when he brought it home so it's been roughly 13 years we've had this tree.  We still haven't figured out when the best time to harvest those fruits are but we haven't really looked into it either.  We had some this year that were great as far as the fruit goes on the inside but the skin of these little boogers is so sour and dry and "pithy".  Nas-tay.  I've briefly read where they make great jam and marmelade but I don't think I'd have the patience to work with them.  The fruit is like the name says, cherry plum like.  Quite a bit bigger than a cherry but not as big as a plum.  Hang in there, I'm about done with this boring tree story.  lol.  When I planted it I never dreamed I'd put in a garden but a couple years later I did.  Right beside the tree.  It was still small so it didn't affect the garden.  These past few years since it's grown have been a different story.  lol.  Live and learn.  I'll just have to make a new garden spot and use the current one for flowers only.  That wouldn't break my heart.  I love flowers.

Speaking of flowers.  I thought I'd share some gorgeous shots I got of some of my flowers in bloom this year.  Here goes.

That's all I got for now.  Must get busy.  Over and Out! 


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Some Photos At Last

Here is the Carhart Purse I had talked about clear back in February. I am still carrying this old thing but I'm about ready for a new one.

I made the handle out of the straps from an old pair of Carharts.

Of course I had to make sure the logo was prominent somewhere.

It is just a tote. There are no pockets inside. I figured it had all of them on the outside so I didn't bother.

This is the purse for my sister-in-law. I'm not crazy about it and wanted to scrap it but she's waited so long. I took a break from it and took my pictures and now I have an idea of how to leave it as it is only gussy it up a bit. I'll post those pics another time.

The handles definately need shortened. I'm going to add a decorative ribbon on the handles so they aren't so plain jane looking.

I've had this baby quilt pictured on here before a long time ago but it never was finished. Shhh....Don't tell. All it needed was the binding sewed down on all four corners. Now it is and I call it Finish #1. lol.

This is a close up view to show my first ever attempt at stipple quilting. I won't say it was easy at all and nowhere near perfect but I'm pleased with it.

This was the nicest quilt to put together that I have ever made. I used a blanket for the batting instead of traditional quilt batting and it is so nice. It's sturdy, it's heavy. The only thing is it aint so pretty!!! lol. I mean, I think it's cute but something about the colors to me just aren't the most attractive even though they accent each other. I think I need help on that one-color coordinating. lol.

This is a close up so you can see why I chose the solid color blocks that I did. I think there just might be too much of them and not enough print blocks and I'd like it better. Oh well. It only needed on little seam from one block corner to another, less than an inch and a half I kid you not but it took me this long to do that little seam. It's done now and it's called Finish #2. I've also had this quilt on the blog before long ago. I think I will get them ready for ebay tonight. It's not quite the work I want to put on my etsy site. This one has obvious tie offs and knots on the back. I thought they'd shrink up to unnoticeable after it was washed and dried but, uh, not so much.
The little girly one above is okay except for the binding and I also added a zig-zag stitch around it to secure it the other day when I was working on it. And I think it made it look tacky. It was one of the first bindings I did and it was nowhere near right. The zig-zag stitch basically just secured it. I coulda done better but I'm done with it. I'm moving on. lol.
I had challenged myself yesterday, Friday, to finish up the denim purse and start another project but my plans got derailed, big time. I didn't even pick up sewing yesterday. I got back at it today though and while I'm still on the purse, I have a renewed hope in a finished product when I get back at it. Which I better do. You all take care. Happy Weekend and Happy Stitching.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Finally Did It!!

Yeah! I did it. I got off my duff and did some sewing. I had two baby quilts that needed five minutes a piece to finish silly little stuff on them. Shamey, shamey on me for letting them go so long. My bad. But I will humor myself and count them as two finishes. Come on, I know it's not really an excuse but for someone as unmotivated as I have been, this is progress at the very least. Lol.

I have to put some handles on the denim purse that my sister-in-law wanted. She'll love me I'm sure. Pictures of the baby quilts and purses coming tomorrow. I am pooped and cannot work any more today.

I have a little mini quilt I'm ready to start quilting. Ha Ha I just had a brain storm. I think I'll challenge myself to the task of finishing that purse up tomorrow, get them photographed and, AND I say, I'll start the quilting on that mini quilt. (Rubbing hands together) Ha Ha now I'm laughing. That's actually a lot of pressure for me. But I am gonna try. I'll let you know my progress.

I seem to be pretty chatty today but really I am so tired that I'm gonna hush it and kick back for a spell with the old man. Have a great night. Happy sewing.


Monday, September 6, 2010

February Through September

Whoa!!!! Man where did that part of my life get to? Isn't it crazy how fast this year is blowing by? Evidently, it has for me anyway huh? lol. It's kind of sad really. I always find myself about this time of year wondering where my time went and what I did with it so far for the year. And on this day of reflection, I can tell you all that it hasn't been spent sewing like I wish it had of been. I've lurked around in quilting blog land a tad now and then when I had time but not like I should have so if you all get a minute, drop me a line and let me know what you've been up to with your time this summer. Any major projects started? Completed? Doesn't even have to be sewing related. What about flower and vegetable gardens? Kids sports and activities? I'm happy to hear about all of it.

I did finish that Carhart purse I last posted about. I don't have any pictures of it because as soon as I got it done I loaded it up with my junk and am still carrying it. But I'll still get a pic of it on here soon so you can see this crazy idea for what it turned out to be. lol. I really like it and when I'm done using it my sister has already called dibs on it. lol.

Honey had taken me garage sale-ing last fall and I found this sweet little white metal canopy baby doll crib. I started putzing with that for awhile. I wanted to really go all out on it but my enthusiasm soon waned as I realized I didn't have a great way to attach a canopy to it. It is missing parts there somewhere because there are hooks on each corner of it to attach something. Just not sure what. lol. I'm assuming it was some kind of curved rod to attach a canopy to. I thought I'd have hubby take it to work and remove those hooks for safety reasons and just do some sort of elastic, stretchy type of canopy cover but nothing really struck me as a good idea. I'll post a pic of it and perhaps you all could give me some input. I'd appreciate it because I am totally at an impasse with it. My mind is roadblocked to the notion. lol. I wanted to do a bed skirt on it too but for the life of me I'm stuck there too. Because of the way it's made at the bottom, I'm afraid if I use an elastic piece on that it will stick out too far and look weird. I'm such a weirdo. I worry about some of the craziest things. lol. Another reason I could maybe just use some tips from folks who know what they are doing. lol. I spend all this time thinking about this project and then I had to step back and realize it's only a doll baby bed. Know what I'm saying? Geez, maybe that's where all my time goes now that I think of it-Procrastinating projects. (Shakes Head) I think we all know how daydreaming about sewing can be an obstacle sometimes. lol.

Just recently I started making a blue jean purse/tote for my sister-in-law. I think she's using it as a gift though so I didn't finish it up until I was able to see her and get a go ahead on it. I wasn't crazy about the way it was turning out so I wanted to make sure it was what she wanted before I went ahead and did anymore to it. Saw her Saturday and turns out she loves it so I have to get that done.

Just last week I decided to sit back down and try to do some sort of quilting. For whatever reason I had a hankering to do some piecing. My sister had given me all kinds of pre-cut blocks some time ago and I've pondered and pondered (another example of my daydreaming. lol.) of what to do with those so I just started whacking out all kinds of little 2 inch squares for a couple of days. Bonnie Hunter does wonderful things with two inch squares. Heck, she does wonders with whatever she touches. I guess she was my inspiration for doing that. Anyway, I had gotten together a whole hosts of colors of squares and at one point thought about making a big quilt out of them all but then the notion of making a big quilt put me right off. I'm in no mood to tackle that kind of project and have it laying around for months so I did a doll quilt out of the yellow color scheme using some of the ugliest individual fabric I've ever seen, however, I think it really, really turned out super cute. I had to use a color I'll call Cheddar and again, Bonnie Hunter is to blame cause she really likes that color and seeing how she uses it gave me the guts to throw it in on this mix and I'm not disappointed. I'll have to post all my pics at another time though. I have that to quilt and it's done. I suppose it could be used as a doll quilt, a table topper, or baby changing/tummy time pad. Why limit myself right? lol.

It's just been due to my attitude, circumstances and health that I haven't been much engaged in my passions and projects these last several months. It's my own fault I don't have more to show for my time. lol. That's also another story for another time. lol. But, I also haven't been doing much computing because my computer went kaput!!!! Poof, gone like yesterday. lol. That put a major, major crimp in my lifestyle for awhile now. Until just recently that is. My good friend, Melissa has sold me a lovely Dell, on payments even. Needless to say I should be able to keep in touch a little bit better now. We'll see. I do daydream alot you know? lol.

Unfortunately I do have a house to clean today too so I will sign off for now. I hope there is someone out there still hanging around. lol. Stop by anytime and I will do my best to reciprocate. Have a great Labor Day. Enjoy!!!!