Sunday, March 13, 2011

Can't Wait For Spring

Hello There.  Happy Sunday to everyone.  I hope this finds everyone well.  So far, so good here in my little corner of the world. 

I can't talk long today because I have major, major work to do.  I've had a friends quilt for 2 years and still haven't finished quilting it and she showed up the other day to check progress.  Yikes.  So now I am planning on spending a huge portion of the day today belting out some stitches on that beast.  Not really looking forward to diving in but I am excited to do it too.  Doesn't make sense does it?  lol.  Anyway, those are my plans today.  How bout you all?  Anything exciting today?

I also can't wait for Spring.  I mean Spring like weather anyway.  The rains last week melted most of the snow finally but it also flooded alot of areas unfortunately.  I usually get my cabin fever in February real bad but I am proud to say I was pleasantly surprised to see it was March already before I began to whine about it.  lol.  I'm ready to get outside and garden/yard work.  I have iris and resurrection lilies coming up already.  Couple more weeks and the plum tree should bloom.  Love that time of year.  It's so pretty right outside my back door.  I'm already seeing signs of things in bloom through other folks' blogs and now I want that here too.  Particularly in Alabama I've noticed that Spring is showing it's head.  Too bad I'm in Ohio.  lol. 

I'd also like to mention before I go, please, please think of the people in Japan and say your prayers for them today.  It's so devastating what has happened and I am so deeply saddened by the coverage in the news.  Seems like prayer is all I can do about the situation.  And God bless those going/sending aid.

Hope you've had a great weekend.  Enjoy the day.  Happy Stitching.



LuAnn said...

Hi Renee Glad to see you are back. Hope you enjoy the quilting on your friend's quilt today. I know it won't be long until spring. We don't have anything budding out here either, but I know it's coming. It feels like a long winter to me, too.

country mouse said...

Oh my, I know how you feel. As I was rearranging my sewing area I found a quilt top a freind had given me to finish and quilt for her. Bless her for her patience, but I NEED to get it finished. Same goes for springtime. I have been enjoying the warmer weather, and hope this cold snap we're in doesn't last. If it helps, I saw some crocuses poking their heads up the other day, one sure sign spring is on the way! Hope your weekend is a great one.