Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This Image Speaks For Itself

Good grief.  How did it get to be May already when the last time I was here I was whining for Spring?  Yikes. 

While I haven't been posting, obviously, I have been lurking blog land and I've been watching you all.  lol.  And I'm jealous as heck.  That's another reason I haven't blogged, got nothin' to show.  ha hah.  I've been busy though.  I've been some lazy too but more busy lately I'd say.  lol.

I've wanted to come on and post for awhile now with some good news and sadly it has taken me this long to pass it on.  A few posts back I mentioned that my sisters cancer was back.  Well, I am happy, no, that's not the word, elated to say that she is again cancer free.  Already.  She had taken 3 sets of chemo's and a cat scan has revealed that there is nothing present in the liver or lung at all anymore.  Praise the Lord!!  A big huge Thank You to those of you who prayed and thought of her during this last round.  We are firm believers in God answering prayers.  She will still have to have two more chemo's just to be sure but she is a champ.  She said she can handle it because she knows she's got it beat now.  Thank God.  I had to share that with you all.  Thanks again.

I should have my tail in the sewing room but I can't do it.  Not even for a minute.  I don't know what's wrong with me but I have no motivation in that area whatsoever.  And I need to.  I really do, trust me.  lol.  What has my attention right now is the great big beautiful outdoors.  Oh, I love Spring and watching the earth spring forth it's bounty and glory.  Especially after the long, ugly Ohio winter we've had.  I've been planting and transplanting and the guys put up the rest of my fence for me on Mother's Day so as soon as I can get some equipment in here, I'm ready to move and plant my vegetable garden.  The flower beds should be done but you never know what I might find along the way to add.  lol.  I'll have pics later but  it's taking my phone forever to send them to my email for some reason.  When I get them all loaded up, I'll post them too.

Hope you all get some good sewing time in today.  Send vibes my way that I'll get my tail motivated to get in there and do what I need to do to finish a project and start some more.  And take time to get some fresh air today too.  Take care.

Happy Stitching,


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LuAnn said...

Hi Renee Oh I am soooo happy for your sister. I pray that she stays cancer free from now on. I think it's hard to get in the mood to sew if you don't want to. I have gone through times when I just want to knit or crochet. I think the blog helps keep me quilting. I do want to see your flowers and vegetable garden. It was just downright hot here today, so your things should grow like crazy. Glad to see you post.