Friday, July 11, 2008

Man Am I Glad It's Friday

Wow. What a week. I haven't sewn all week long and I am just too tired to do it tonight. I started my job this week on Wednesday and I've been getting up at 4 a.m. I get home at 1 and the minute I sit down, I fall asleep. Bad part about it is, I sleep 2-3 hours and then I can't sleep at night and so the vicious cycle begins all over again. lol. I do have to work tomorrow but tonight I hope to be able to get to bed and get some decent sleep.

My latest project that I have posted a pic of above is coming apart. I am totally not happy with the way my squares line up and I know I can do better so maybe tomorrow I can make an appointment with my seam ripper and get busy. I have everything I need to finish the quilt but time is what I don't have. I think I'm going to put this one on my etsy site but I might advertise it as a lap quilt as that is what kept coming to mind as I was piecing it. I kept thinking of a little old lady sitting with it on her lap. But whatever people want to use it for is up to them.

I am wanting to make a quilt out of denim, corduroy and flannel. I want to make it a full size quilt but I'm freaking out wondering how working with a big old full size is gonna work at the machine for me. That's why I cheat and make the baby quilts and even they can get bulky to work with when you're quilting them. I have all the material I'll need for it too for the top anyway. I'll have to get backing fabric and I hate the thoughts of having to piece a back for it. I keep hoping to stumble on to some nice sheets at yard sales and such that I may be able to use with it. The problem there is I am never able to get to the sales. lol.

I'm on a pretty limited if not non-existent budget right now. lol. I really can't spend money on fabric so I've been collecting up old jeans and flannels for this quilt top. And when I was working full-time and had some extra money, I would go to the thrift store down the street on Saturday and you can fill a bag for $5.00 so I've bought up the corduroy that way and some more denim so really I'm hoping to make this thing for next to nothing. I'll have to try and remember to post when/if I get this done on about what I think it ran to make it. I'm really interested in knowing. I probably wouldn't have to spend another dime to make it if I made it as a rag quilt which is appealing for a couple reasons. The main one being, I'm sure I could handle putting that together on the machine. But I am not very fond of making the rag quilts. I think they are alot of work really. I've found them to be pretty time consuming too. Then, I know that in order to accomplish the rag technique, you have to cut it but man does that seem redundant to me. lol. You sit and sew something together for hours and then you sit and cut it up for hours. lol. What's a girl to do?

Just a note too, that if anyone has any interesting sewing/quilting links that you think are worthy of mention, please let me know and I'll see about putting them on here. I'm wanting to network with people who love to do what I do so if you think it's something I can bring attention to, please just let me know. As time allows I want to post some direct links to some sites, patterns mainly that I found and really enjoyed. I hope to also put links to online fabric shops and probably a list of sewing/quilting blogs or forums, etc. I say I hope to cause I'm lucky to have the time to be so long winded on here tonight and that doesn't always happen so bare with me as I hope to put together a helpful, fun place to want to visit but it may take some time.

And for tonight, I think I will turn in. Happy sewing to everyone!!

Good Night,

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