Saturday, July 19, 2008

I've Been Busy Today

Oh man. Have you ever noticed that when you have a day off and nothing in particular planned, and the likelihood of sleeping-in is promising; that it is impossible to do so? Now when I woke up this morning and turned to the clock to see if I indeed had slept in, I was slightly miffed right off the bat. It was 7 daggone 30. What the heck? I'll tell ya what the heck. After a blind trip to the bathroom, blind meaning I didn't wear my glasses, as I hoped perhaps I could lay there and coax myself back to sleep awhile after I ran to the potty. Well, I will not provide detail, however I was not happy after the trip to the restroom either. So, I go get my spectacles and bounce off the walls as I make my way through the obstacle course that is my home. I get to the kitchen and realize......NO COFFEE!!!!! As Reba would say, "Crap". Not lookin' good. Anyway I decide that Pepsi will do for a quick burst of wake up caffeine. If I hadn't felt so lousey I would have walked to the store and got a cup of coffee but I knew Pepsi was only a footstep or two away.

In addition to normal morning fuzzy head, I also was experiencing what I call "straight-tripping". I forgot my evening dose of medication last night and when I do that my head does crazy things. It just feels funny like slow motion or something. So, I take my regular dose as usual this morning on an empty stomach and sit and wait for the heartburn to begin. While I'm doing this, I go for a cigarette and realized I was lazy last night and didn't roll any extra and my husband had taken the bulk of them to work this morning. Go figure. So, I decide I will ration what I have so I don't have to start rolling right away, especially with the fuzzy head.

I don't know about anyone else's cable line-up but ours seems to offer nothing but infomercials in the early morning hours. Well, I certainly wasn't in the mood to have how fat and frumpy I am pointed out to me that early in the morning by the twigs exercising their blonde heads off. So, I tune in to our local PBS station and what do I catch but Sewing with Nancy. I've provided this link to catch some of her shows online for free. The particular episode I saw today is not in that line-up, however I am so happy I caught it as while I was watching it I was finding it kind of boring until they began making a seat cushion cover. Well, I paid attention for the most part and went on with my business when it was over. Never thinking anything of it at the time, it came to me this evening that what I saw today would be perfect for a set of golf cart seat covers that I have been given the opportunity to make for pay. I have been pondering the idea of how to make them with great difficulty as my husband said I would probably have to use elastic to make them removeable. I have not really used elastic before and the few times I tried, I lost hope almost instantly. So you see why this was a worry for me. When he showed me the photo's today of the seats to be covered, that episode of Sewing with Nancy instantly popped into my head as the ideal way to make these cushion covers, as the lesson was a technique using gathering and a drawstring on the bottom of your covers for removeablility. Wow, it was like a lightbulb went off for me.

Needless to say, I am sitting here looking at a miniture prototype now as I made a cover for a matchbox just to see how it would work. I'll try and get a pic on here of it.




But I also made a microwaveable corn heating pad for a friend of mine. Her little boy needed one so I made him a little version of one today. I even shucked the field corn myself for the project. My brother brought me the corn and now he wants a bag too. I'll probably make his tomorrow. I also have to get my etsy stuff ready for the sale. I wanted to do it today but my little projects along with not feeling good at all kept me from doing a whole lot. Plus the heat is terrible. It's been another 90 degree day here in good old Ohio.

But in closing I just wanted to say that no matter if you think you are going to have a bad day, it really can turn around and I feel like it's been a pretty good day after all. I spent most of it doing something I love. Just goes to show that it pays to pay attention to stuff. You never know when you may need that information. What a coincidence this information came to me today after I saw the photos of those seats. I'm anxious to get started on them already. Even better, we get to go buy new fabric for the job. Woohoo, new fabric.!! lol. My Flower Garden quilt may get shoved back on the burner even though I don't like having a million jobs going on, sometimes I am weak. lol. I'm gonna hit the hay for tonight. And thanks to everyone who's taking a peak on my little quilted world.

Have a Good Night,

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