Sunday, February 22, 2009

Well Heck,

Sometimes I don't think I can do anything right! Please just allow me to list the things that have been "wrong" this last week since I last posted. Hopefully after you see, you will forgive me for asking you all to keep a watch out for something exciting the next time I post. Warning: This post is not exciting!! lol.

First off, last time I posted I mentioned Valentine's Day but didn't elaborate on mine. That's cause it sucked. That's neither here nor there but I had to get that out there. lol.

Second, the little stupid quilt top I've been working on and wanted to get together got put together and now it's about to get put in the trash. That stupid thing is 2 inches longer on one side than the other. What the heck? I was sure I was working with all the same size blocks when I started but they were pre-cut when I got ahold of them so I should have made sure. Anyway, so now I have this quilt top that I don't know how to fix or even have the desire to fix at this point. I thought about chopping it up into doll quilts or something. But gee whiz did that cheese me off. Should have know when I had to hem some of those rows in places that it would end up that way. Still kicking myself.

Third, I thought that this here post in particular would make me post number 75 and I had been wanting to do a giveaway since I missed it on the 50th post. Well, as usual, I was wrong, this is now post 76 and the last one would have been the one to announce a giveaway. Ding Dong. Must practice basic math skills and reading ability. lol. So, I've blown it and also have been having major anxiety about doing a giveaway afterall. I must confess, this bugs me and I wouldn't want someone to think bad of me for it but I've mentioned before, I smoke. I'm terrified to send any of my stash out to folks who may not and may detect a smoke odor on the fabric. I can't wash pre-cut squares so that they would look like anything when they got done and I don't have any fat quarters or yardage to giveaway so that I could pre-wash that and seal it before giving it away. Gee whiz. All in the name of a cigarette. lol. So, I beg everyone's forgiveness on the fake out regarding the exciting news in the next post that I last posted about. I just can't do it right now.

Fourth, there is just worry, worry, worry everywhere I turn right now and it's wearing me down and I'm retreating just a little bit. I had to go pay bills the other day by myself and I about hated it. I just attempted to start my meds this last week but they made me sick to my stomach so I'm waiting to try agan tomorrow with those. Monday will start a fresh new week to get on track with them. But, nothing creative has happened all week.

And last but not least, I am so sick of this cold weather that I can't hardly stand it. I think about it and this is about the time of year I typically get itchy to be able to get outside and tend my yard and all. I want like everything to spring clean this house but I don't have the energy. I got one corner in the kitchen done a week or so ago and that's it.

So, now I'm going to ask everyone to forgive me for whining and thank you in the same note that I can come here and get this off my chest once in a while. lol. I feel lots better now. I won't promise anymore exciting news and I'll not be dreaming of hosting giveaways anytime soon (lol) but I hope you all continue to come by and see what's happening here. I so enjoy visiting all of you. It's my time of the day when I can sit down here and go through my list and see what everyone is up to. I'm so jealous of some of you. lol. But I also think it's neat how most are so devoted to their love of the craft of quilting. Keep it up!!!

Happy Stitching,



Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Gad bless you, Renee. You are having a bad time, aren't you? I'm so sorry. Here are a couple of things to think about:
*Anytime is a good time for a giveaway--75, 74, 76, 102--it doesn't matter.
*To remove smoke smell from fabric, put it in a ziplock bag with an open box of baking soda or a few bricks of charcoal (charcoal not touching fabric) and leave it for a few days. Or spray the fabric with Fabreze.
*Put that stupid little quilt away (not in the trash) for a few weeks, then take it out when things are better. You might see instantly how to fix it. If not, post a photo on your blog, and you'll get lots of ideas.
*Now read Matthew 6:25-34.
Susan C.

Julie said...

Renee! Things will get better. On your quilt, just add another border and trim it down to make it square, it will look like the center is off-kilter a little and you can say you did it that way on purpose! I have done it before and no one ever notices. LOL

QuiltedSimple said...

You did have a bad week - oh how I feel for you!

As for the quilt top - put it away and bring it back out later. You may be inspired to add different widths of borders (or even 1 that is wider on 1 end than the other) to make it come out square. Remember that usually - perfect quilts will NEVER get done!

Don't stress over a giveaway - you will know 1 day when the time is right - and you will find that perfect something in your stash to do it with. Anytime is good for a giveaway.

The weather HAS been crappy here in Ohio - hasn't it. I get so bummed by another round of cold - and then just keep repeating "Spring is coming, spring is coming". Doesn't always work helps.

Hope you have a good week! take care,

Tami Hammond said...

Renee, Forget will only wet your fabric because you must "SPRAY UNTIL DAMP" to remove the smell. Until you can quit, just use Gone Smoke Ultimate Smoke 'n' Odor Eliminator. My husband and I invented the product and it was just endorsed by Cigar Aficionado! It WILL work: it's a dry aerosol you spray lightly over clothes, hair, fabrics---IDEAL for Quilts! Your quilts are beautiful! No need to let smoke smell ruin them. And don't let it stress you--it's an easy You can buy BIG Gone Smoke (16 oz.) and it will spray hundreds of your quilts. Go to our website, and feel free to contact me if you have questions. Thanks. Keep Sewing! Tami

Renee said...

thank you all who posted such sweet comments and helpful info regarding my recent bad week. i sure do appreciate your support. things may be a little better now so let's keep our fingers crossed. lol. thanks again. take care.