Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Little Late But Still Wanted To Share

My sweet neice Michelle sent me these photos from Christmas this morning and I wanted to share them with everyone.  LuAnn kinda prompted me to decide that it's still not too late to post my holiday memories.  I've tried for two days to send mine from my phone to the computer and finally got it accomplished only to find out that once I got the photo's up here on the screen where I could see them that they are raunchy pics.  lol.  My smartphone has a camera but there is no flash and you have to be statue still to get a non fuzzy picture off the thing anymore.  I need a real good digital camera.  (Hint honey for next year!!!)

Anyway, here are the best family pics thanks to Michelle.  I will post some of my decoration photo's later.  Receiving these pics of our family this morning really made my day.  Here they go!

My Family
Behind me from left to right are:
Jerry, Shawn, Tony & Steph

Sister Becky and Hubs Rickster

Brother Mitchell
What A Smirk!

From Left To Right:
Sister Becky, Oldest Brother Mike, Brother Mitchell & Me

When I tell you we had alot of fun that day, I think this pic proves it.
We were really cutting it up at the moment.  Mitch was being nasty and it tickled the rest of us so bad we couldn't handle it.  lol. 

Can you tell I wasn't getting it?  I'm going the exact opposite of the kiddo's.
I didn't feel well at Thanksgiving and couldn't play so I told the kids it was on Christmas day.  lol.
Turns out the joke was on me cause that's hard work!!!!  lol.
  Hope everyone is having a great start to the New Year so far.  Tah Tah


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