Friday, December 5, 2008

Am I Ready For The Weekend Or What?

You bet. Wow, what a week. Between work and home this week, I'm ready for a few days of doing "nuttin". Nothing that is except for things I want to do. Number One on that list would be getting my Christmas Tree up. Can you believe it? I still don't have it up. It just doesn't seem like my bunch has been blessed with the spirit yet. lol. To be honest though, I'm not in a huge rush because it was always a tradition growing up to put up the Christmas tree on my Mom's birthday which was December 10th. I always tried to keep that same tradition with my family but the last few years, I'm sad to say, we've done it when we've had the chance or felt like it, as in, had the energy to do it. I just thought this year getting it up earlier may help morale here but no one is interested. My youngest is almost 18 and no longer excited by all the decorations and such and with all of us working crazy hours getting together to do it is a big fiasco. So, I think tomorrow morning, I'll dig all my stuff out while hubby is at work and just do it. Shawn should be home and maybe he'll feel moved to lend a hand. lol.

I'm kind of excited about tomorrow night. Our town is having their annual Christmas parade. Now, most people don't think of that as such a big deal but this year I'm kinda excited about it. It is being held at night this year and it is being held after Thanksgiving. lol. In recent years, our Christmas parade was held about a week before Thanksgiving on a Saturday morning. The timing of that just didn't seem right. Our local paper stated that it had been 34 years since we had a parade at night here in town but I beg to differ. I have photo's of myself and a bunch of friends in 84 down there at a night parade. That's only 24 years. Maybe that is what the paper meant to say too but anyway, I think it gives it a whole new "feeling". The decorations all show up so much more nicely against a dark sky and if you are lucky and it snows, the snowfall lends a beautiful background. Pair that with all the marching bands playing Christmas music and the holiday floats and it can really put you in that good old Christmas Spirit. Something about it versus standing downtown on a cold dreary Saturday morning at 10 a.m. entices me. lol. If I get some decent photo's I'll post them later.

Still no crafting, no sewing, no quilting going on around here. I'm just about bushed and I can't tackle another project right now. I hope everyone else is still working away though. I love checking the blogs to see what everyone is working on. One day, hopefully shortly after the new year anyway, I will have some new projects to post about and show.

In the meantime, everyone keep on quilting. Take care.


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