Friday, December 19, 2008

For Milah To See


I was reading Milah's blog today and saw something that looked very familiar to me. I don't think the Santa's are identical but very, very close. Ours also is from hubby's mom. They are so precious to us. I may photograph some of our decorations and share them later on as well. Just had to show this though. What coincidences. lol.


Milah said...

I LOVE IT!! Thanks for sharing! It looks like yours is in really good shape too. I think he looks so jolly dancing around like that. I wish I had a dozen more jsut like him!

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.... and a mild winter. So far we have missed all the bad weather but I'm sure it will catch up with us soon.

Renee said...

i know. isn't that neat? they tickle me too. there are more just no time to shoot them today.

Merry Christmas to your family as well. Thank you.

Happy Holidays.