Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blog Etiquette

As anyone who has ever visited my blog can tell you, I'm a newbie. I've had this blog now for a few months but I've already learned that there is so much to learn about the right way to run a blog if you want folks to come back. There has been one thing in particular bugging me about how to respond to comments left on my blog. My question was kind of simple yet I felt silly asking it so I did a trusy dusy old google search on it and found the answer. I feel silly telling you all too but I have to say I wasn't quite sure how to do it correctly. lol. I didn't know whether I should respond on my blog or leave a comment on theirs. lol. I've been kinda winging it and found out today doing my blog etiquette search that I might be making some mistakes. lol. Mistakes? Me? lol. Now that I've read a few articles on the topic, I feel I might somehow owe some apologies. Thing is I never meant any disrespect or wasn't trying to "self-promote" by leaving comments on other blogs either. Sometimes I think I just get overwhelmed by the quantity of blogs I read or want to read and then my attention isn't focused as much on the main reason I wanted to do this blog in the first place. lol. Sorry if that doesn't make sense. It's me today, trust me. lol. And please, my apologies to anyone I may have offended by not responding correctly or for going about it the wrong way. I'll mind my p's and q's better now. lol.

Anywho, I'm wasting time today like a mad man. lol. I'm going to sew those corn bags today though sometime probably after lunch. Maybe sooner, it depends on what the kid wants to get into while he's home between schools. He is such a trooper. He is a real good kid too. Sometimes I take for granted what a good kid he is. I'll have to be sure to remind him today of how proud I am of him. I think he needs a little pick me up. We had an ugly spat last Monday and he's just now getting around again to speaking to me. I've felt like crap about it for long enough now and think I'll try to talk to him a little bit today. Maybe he won't be so sore with me anymore. That hurts.

I might at least to try to cut out another project I have to get done today too. But, priority will be laundry. It's scarey over there in that laundry room right now. I kind of got behind on it this weekend because our waterbed sprung a leak and I had a ton of bedding to wash-pillows and all. Now I have to play catch up. I'm going to put a roast on around 1 or so for supper tonight. Shawn, the youngest mentioned above is off work tonight and will be home to eat a meal with us for a change. I kind of want it to be a good one. I'm also hoping our oldest, Tony and his wife Steph can come up too. I'm waiting to hear from him to see if she has to work tonight or not. He still may come himself if she is working. It will depend on if he has his little sister-in-law tonight or not. lol. I think that's funny to say cause his wife's little sister is only 7. He/they keep her a couple nights a week when Mom works and he tries his best the night's he's there with her by himself to keep her occupied and entertained. Not an easy task for a 22 year old young man but he does it bless his heart. lol. I think he thinks she will drive me nuts if he brings her around or something cause he always stops by and then goes home just before she is due to arrive and he keeps her there til Steph gets home and she takes over. lol. He knows it doesn't take much out of kids to drive me slightly crazy. lol.

Thanks to all who commented on my table runner. You know, the more I look at that ugly little thing, the more I like it. lol. I love the quilting design on the back of it. That's the thing about quilts for me, I think the back of the quilt is just as interesting and beautiful as the front of it. I have a little more than half way to go on pulling stitches and tying it off. And then it's done. Wah-Lah!!! lol. The other night I almost went blind trying to work on it in poor lighting. Now I really wish I had just backstitched this instead of leaving the ends to tie off. But, now Tony tells me he'd like a table runner for his entertainment stand. But, he said he gets to pick the fabric. lol. No one here is in love with the samples I used in this one. lol. So, I might see if he wants to go through my stash tonight if he comes up and pick something out.

Is anyone getting excited about the holidays? Sister and I were just talking about Thanksgiving last night. I want to have it and she wants to have it too and we aren't sure yet if our brothers can make it so we agreed to investigate and get back in touch the next few days about it. Round here, this takes weeks of planning for me. lol. Especially if I'm cooking.

Welp, I have bunches to do here so I am gonna close out for tonight. Happy Quilting all.


QuiltedSimple said...

You've been busy. I think it's great that your son takes the responsibilty for his wife's younger sister. Hope you had a good evening!

Julie said...

Well, Renee - you haven't offended me in any way. Don't worry about that! I usually just "reply" to people's comments and let them know i appreciate their visiting me. I feel a little hurt when I visit someone's blog and they don't acknowledge my comments and/or don't ever visit my blog. Of course, I don't expect a response to every comment that I make on someone's blog - that might be asking too much. Also, I don't expect a response from very popular blogs who get a gazillion comments to every post. I think some people get too uptight about things. Blogging should be fun and stress free!!!

Milah said...

Renee, Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I don't know anything about blog etiquette so don't ever take offense if I don't act proper! I'm an informal type.....just keeping it simple!
Hope you come back sometime and I'll be dropping in on you.

LuAnn said...

Hi Renee....Happy Halloween!!! I've booed you over on my blog because I was booed by someone else. Ha!! I didn't know there was any blog etiquette to follow. It is hard to respond via email to some people because there email address doesn't appear in the from line. You can come over and write on my blog or send me an email - I love mail and will take it any way I can get it. Have a nice day!!!

Renee said...

hi ladies. yes, i was unaware that there was "so much" blog etiquette. lol. all i wanted to do was find out how to respond to comments and man did i stumble onto a load of info on etiquette. i found what i needed and got out of there. lol. i think keeping it light and simple is what it's all about too but being new to it, i wanted to do it right and not look like a dork. lol. so, i'm glad to hear i haven't offended anyone and i'll just keep doing like i have been. you know what they say, if it aint broke, don't fix it. lol.

LuAnn said...

Hi Renee.. I can't stipple quilt with my walking foot. I use a darning foot and drop my feed dogs. If you go to and look at their presser feet, you will see it. It has a spring up on the shaft. Now I've also gone to JoAnn Fabrics and picked one up there that is a lot cheaper than the Bernina feet and works just as well. I use my walking foot to sew my binding onto the quilt after it's quilted. I would tell you that I also use the walking foot for doing stitch in the ditch quilting, but I can't sew a straight line to save my life. So I always do some sort of free motion quilting. Besides the music and wine, it is pretty important to have a good supply of chocolate right beside the know for quick energy. Ha!!! Happy Halloween!!

The Southern Mom said...

Renee...I had to laugh at the blog etiquette...and then 'ran' and googled it myself! I guess I never thought about it!

And...slap me! Luann is right...I said walking foot...I meant darning foot, duh! If you didn't get one with your machine, they're not very expensive...I bought an extra online. Makes it so much easier to free motion...the wine and chocolate...they don't hurt either!

Renee said...

lol. no slapping southern mom. lol. i'll let it slide this time. lol. thanks bunches though for all the info ladies. i guess i'll be trying to find me a darning foot then. lol. and on my shopping list for the day i will also include wine and chocolate. lol. thanks again. have a great day.