Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Got To Sew Yesterday & Today

Mind you, it wasn't much sewing but it was progress. I found a pattern for a table runner I liked so I got the pattern and I am actually following it to a t. Not quite a quilt block but a pattern just the same. lol. I kept getting interupted yesterday and I probably would have it together if it weren't for a distraction today. I had just gotten the squares ironed out and laid out in front of me on the table how I wanted them to line up and I hear Knock! Knock! Crap!!!!! That was at 3:15 today. My company stayed til 5:00 and in between then both my sons came home and my husband too. He of course was in a hurry for his supper so he could go to the card game tonight. Right after supper I visited with the oldest boy awhile and run him off so I could go pay a bill before it got dark out. Just now getting back in and a chance to sit down for a minute here. Phew!!!!

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday and it is my weekend off. I got 2 people on me right now for sewing projects they've been waiting on so I hope to get those out of the way. I want to finish the table runner. And I hate to say it but I still have that one dog gone dad blasted golf cart seat cover to do. lol. Plus I've insisted to the hubby that we lay some carpet that I've had on our front porch for 2 weeks. That will probably be Sunday, the carpet laying. Of course it is supposed to be beautiful this weekend and I might just say ta heck with it all and enjoy the weather while we still get the chance. lol.

I appreciate the responses I got to my last post about a good quilt block to start with and the Project Linus program. There's a couple more things to do this weekend as well. I'll look into the program and see if there is a local drop off site around here. I'm sure I could always mail one somewhere too if there isn't a drop off someplace near. But thanks again for the info ladies.

I have to order the kid's cap and gown and graduation announcements tonight and send a big fat old down payment with the order form for tomorrow. Nice. Not! He mentioned it to me earlier this week but I didn't see any info and then today he brings it up that it's due tomorrow. Oh my. He' such a turkey. But I love him dearly. It's awesome to see him mature and gain his independence yet it is so sad too because this is my baby. In just a little under 6 months he will be 18, then graduating high school and heading off into this great big old world. Watch Out World is all I got to say. lol.

But, we have to get busy on that task so until next time....Happy Quilting.



Beth said...

I know about that empty nest stuff. Of course, everytime I think it's going to be empty, another son comes along! But the factory has shut down now, so I am doing my best just to enjoy them in whatever stage they are in.

I really like your blog! I've got you linked on my blog. Thanks for coming by!

Renee said...

thanks for stopping by beth. it's good to know someone knows how ya feel. lol. take care.