Thursday, October 2, 2008

These Kept Me Busy Yesterday


These are coffee cup cozies. If you want to go "green" and you buy coffee to go at different places, these I think are just dandy. They are intended to replace the paper sleeves that coffee joints give you so the cup's not too hot to hang on to. They save a tree and jazz up that ordinary cup of joe a little bit. They can be made out of most any color, style of cotton and a thin layer of quilt batting. I found making them to be very easy. Trying to make a pattern was the hard part. I thought I could just make a paper pattern based on my cups at hand and be sewing cozies all day. NOT!!!!! I feel really dumb now but no matter what I tried, I knew I wasn't getting it. So, I headed to my trusty computer and did a google search for a free pattern for one and WHALAH!!!!!

I have one more seat back cushion to do on the golf cart. I have high hopes of getting that together and done with tomorrow night. I have decided that because that little Flower Garden quilt I'm working on is like driving me nuts, that I just might tuck that stinker away for a minute. Just Walk Away Renee, as the song goes. lol. There is a customer at work who has been singing that to me for this last week. lol. What a geek. lol. Anyway, I have a court house steps quilt in pinks and pink florals that I started ages ago and think that I would really rather mess with it for awhile. I still have blocks to cut out for it even but I can't get it off my mind lately so it's like calling me. lol. Does that ever happen to any of you?

Other than that, life in general isn't treating me too bad at the moment. The old man is good, the boys are good, my new daughter-in-law is good. My sis and my bro's are good. It's a good feeling.

I'm kinda run down a bit today so I'm saying goodnight for now. Talk with everyone later.

Sweet Dreams,


Sara said...

Great cozies! What a wonderful idea! Too bad I don't drink coffee from any of the local coffed bars!

Renee said...

lol. me neither. what i drink, i make right here at home. but the idea inspires me. lol. thanks.

LuAnn said...

The coffee cup cozies are cute. I am a big coffee drinker so I may have to make several. There is a Starbucks every few miles here in Indy, and I'm addicted.

Renee said...

LuAnn, let me know if you need the pattern. i saved it. they really don't take any time at all to make and i can't wait to do one with some embellishments.