Friday, March 6, 2009

Rrrready For The Weekend!

How glad are we it's Friday? It's been a long week around here. The only thing spoiling my ability to forget it and proceed with some r and r is that my son's car has gone haywire. He and I have been putzing with it since shortly before 2. Then hubby just finally got home after a doozie of a day and he's had to go take the battery down and have it tested. We are not optimistic it's the battery but that would be a great thing if that is all it is. Poor kid. All he wanted to do was clean it out while it was such a nice day. He had his doors open and his radio on earlier for about fifteen minutes and it won't make a peep now. He was getting ready to go sweep it out and wash it. What luck! lol. I really hope it's nothing serious and that it's not something that will require hubby to be at it for very long tonight on top of the day he's already had. Poor guy. lol. I'm just full of sympathy for everyone today. lol.

I hope all of you are ready to wind down and enjoy the weekend. I hope to get some sewing/quilting done this weekend. I did my house cleaning today when I got home from work and I swept my livingroom floor real well because I'm gonna have to spread some stuff out there to measure and cut one of my projects. I was prepping for some Saturday morning sewing. Well, after our car excursion outside, I now have mud on my freshly swept livingroom floor. (Deep Sigh)-back to square one. lol.

I hope to have some pics of these projects I want to get started this weekend. It'll be a few days but I hope to have a few to show. I've been admiring all kinds of things going on in blogland.

Gonna get some supper started here so I'll sign off for now. Happy quilting to everyone. Have a great weekend.


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