Saturday, March 14, 2009

I Think I Finally Woke Up!

After the week we had around here, I was never so glad to see a Friday come around in all my life as I was yesterday, Friday the 13th, when I punched out of work. Work wasn't bad at all yesterday. It was oddly slow for a Friday but you won't hear me complaining about that. No way. lol. I got home at one o'clock yesterday, sat down in the recliner and I was out for the count by one thirty. I was drained. I slept til five and hubby finally woke me up. We ate and yacked awhile and when he left the boy went upstairs to watch a movie he knew I wouldn't enjoy and by eight fifteen I was snoring again. I slept til four this morning and was ready to put the coffee on when I realized it was only four and said to myself, "Oh, he$# no!". lol. I knew if I got up then I'd be wanting to crash by noon today again so I laid and rolled around awhile and did go back to sleep til eight o'clock this morning. Wow, do I feel lazy but oddly refreshed as well.

Have you ever done that before? Wanted to or felt like you slept for days or something? What makes us do that? I can see it when one is sick or something but I haven't been sick, just had one heck of a week. I went to the jewelry party Sunday night and practically ran out of there. I will not do that to myself again for nothing. lol. It just is not my thing. Hubby spent countless hours working on this dumb car we got that went kaput. Coupled with his lack of mechanical skills and the pouring rain for about a day and a half and we were at wits end with the dern thing. Long about Tuesday he let me mention our troubles to a friend who by Thursday had a mechanic down here and the car running by 3:30 that day. Cost: $80.00, Value: Priceless. Yeah, it was one of those moments. lol. Turns out it was the anti-theft system gone haywire because the battery originally went dead last Friday with the radio on which robbed the computer thingy majig of the code to start the vehicle. It was a joke. It's behind us now. Thank God for small miracles.

On the crafty front, all I have done is fix my kid's bluejeans. The second pair of curtains may come today. I have help here to help me measure today. I've also been working on this idea I concocted way back when. I'm not far but I have enough blocks cut for two and a half rows and I'm just playing around with placement and such now. I usually when making a baby quilt will do the entire thing in rows and then sew the top together row by row. Well this time I thought it may be easier to make a block of four and then sew them together by blocks. I haven't had much luck yet but I've only attempted it once so far. I think I can actually line them up better doing it in rows. We'll see. I'll try to post some pics later if I have any progress today.

The house is a wreck so hubby and me are tag teaming it this morning. He's over there now folding laundry so I better scoot and help out. How lucky am I that he helps like that? It's not everyday but when he's willing and can lend a hand, I sure am thankful for it.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and that the weather gets a little nicer. Everyone take care.


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Julie said...

Hi, Renee! Sounds like you needed a rest for whatever reason!