Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Foliage

Hi everyone.  I hope this finds everyone well.  I'm doing good. 

Last Sunday, 10-10-10, hubby took me for an awesome road trip to look at the leaves changing around the area.  We missed flower garden gawking this summer because we didn't have a vehicle we could just go joy riding in.  There are three times of year that I like to just get in the car and go ride.  I love, love, love driving around looking at folks' flowers in the spring/early summer.  Then I like going in the fall to see the leaves change and then again at Christmas to see lights.  Used to be a tradition when I was a kid that we drove out to the country club here in town and drove through the housing around there and stared in amazement at the lovely mansion style homes all decked out with lights from the inside out.  Well, I was a kid and it was the 70's.  Not alot of winter entertainment around here.  lol. 

Anyway, since this is supposed to be a quilting/sewing blog, I thought I'd lay off posting pictures from everyday things and try to stick to sewing related stuff more.  But I got such beautiful photo's from our fall foliage tour that I had to share.  I ended up making a slideshow on my Associated Content site.  Here is the link to the slideshow:  Ohio Fall Foliage.  Hope you all enjoy it.  It couldn't have been a more gorgeous October day. 

Hope you all get some sewing done today.  I haven't been in the mode lately but I feel it stirring.  Hopefully, I can finish up on a project I started last week or so.  But I want to try something new.  There's a new quilt block I want to try and make and I found a candle mat pattern that is really cute that would be an excellent Christmas gift for the ladies in my family.  I need priorities.  lol.  Not just with sewin' either, let me tell ya.  lol. 

Got to get along today.  Happy quilting to everyone.  Take care.  Have a good one.


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LuAnn said...

Hi Renee I just watched your slideshow. What a beautiful place. We have to go a ways from here to find a covered bridge. I enjoyed seeing your photos. I love fall.