Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's A Good Day, If You're A Duck

Me Oh My.  It's raining like crazy here right now.  Wind's blowing up a storm and it's cold and yucky.  Good thing I have plenty of indoor things to do today.  I'm kind of taking it easy but I know before long I will be kicking it into high gear here to get some work done around the house today.  I have a guest coming at four so that's pressure.  haha. 

There's no sewing or projects to report.  Sunday was spent getting the new car running which went like a piece of cake after the day we'd had with it Saturday.  I spent a little while roaming around my little city here just practicing driving it.  It's a stick and it's been awhile.  lol.  I've already moved it with the parking brake on.  Phew, the oder let me know something was wrong right away.  lol.  I also may or may not have been driving it in third gear when it should have been in 5th.  Ooops.  Yeah, the old man found no humor in that one at all.  lol.  I'll get the hang of it.  Say prayers please.  lol. 

Monday, yesterday, I went to my sisters house.  She has been having computer problems for a long, long time and since I had wheels, I went to see if I could help.  Five hours later, I must admit I am puzzled.  Don't get me wrong, that time wasn't in vain.  We did alot of work that needed done to clean up her system.  But there is still a problem and I have about half a dozen things to try next before I have to send her to the powers that be for help.  We plan on getting together again tomorrow for another attempt.  Wish us luck.  lol.  If you're in the family or know my sister and I at all, you'll know why I added the little giggle there.  lol.

I have started hand quilting a little project but haven't picked that up in a day or two because I'm not happy with it so far and I hope maybe tonight I can tear it all out and start again.  I think my problem is cheap thread.  The knots are just way too noticeable and really shouldn't be there but given the thread kept snapping and knotting up, I had little choice.  I haven't gotten too far so it's no biggie to re do it.  I told hubby when I was working on it the other night, there is something about hand sewing and embroidery and such that relaxes me I think.  I haven't done alot of either but I do seem to enjoy it and find it relaxing or something.  I've come a long way with stitch length and straightness that's for sure.  lol.  Isn't it funny how you look back on things you've done and can notice that you've improved, even if just slightly?  I'll be doing that looking back thing for years to come because I know there are always things to improve and things to learn.  I find that a tad frustrating really and think it's why I'm never happy with much of my work.  Instead of accepting my best at any given moment, I am always aware it could be better or I could have used a much easier technique if only I knew more, etc.  Weird I know.  lol.

Thursday and Friday seem to be free of things I have to take care of around here so hopefully they will be sewing days.  Right.  Didn't I just learn over the weekend that the best laid plans seldom pan out for me?  lol.  You all take care.  Happy Quilting and Stay Dry!!.


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